Welcome to adversea, the cutting-edge platform that provides AI-powered background checks on entities. With adversea, you can effortlessly conduct adverse media screenings to ensure thorough due diligence. Whether you're looking for information on businesses or individuals, adversea offers a sleek portal to uncover the truth behind the headlines. This service is particularly valuable during election seasons, such as the upcoming 2024 Slovak presidential elections, where users can check the background of each candidate listed on the platform. The website is user-friendly and protects users with Google's reCAPTCHA along with adhering to their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Get in touch for a demo or to access their API for integrating their services into your own applications.

Top Features:
  1. Comprehensive Background Checks: AI-powered tool designed to uncover in-depth information about entities.

  2. Election Candidate Screening: Ability to check the backgrounds of political candidates, such as those in the Slovak presidential elections.

  3. API Access: Developers can integrate adversea’s screening capabilities into their applications.

  4. Book Demo: Interested users can book a demonstration to see how adversea works.

  5. Recaptcha Security: The site is secured with reCAPTCHA to protect the users' data.


1) What is adversea?

adversea is an AI-powered background check tool that specializes in adverse media screening for entities.

2) What can users do on adversea?

Users can check the background of candidates for the Slovak presidential elections and other entities.

3) Can I book a demo on adversea?

Yes, users can book a demo to see how the platform works and gain insights on its functionalities.

4) Does adversea provide API access?

adversea offers API access for developers to integrate these screening tools into their own systems.

5) Is adversea secure for users?

The platform ensures user security by implementing reCAPTCHA, as well as adhering to comprehensive privacy policies.





AI-Powered Background Check
Adverse Media Screening
Entity Background Check
Due Diligence
Slovak Presidential Elections 2024
API Access
reCAPTCHA Protection
Background Check Portal

Tech used:

Google Analytics


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