Embark on a journey of creativity with AIのべりすと (AI Novelist), the innovative Japanese Storywriting AI by Bit192. Captivating the essence of narrative art, AI Novelist β2.0 is designed to inspire writers and creators by offering a profound artificial intelligence tool capable of generating stories and novels in Japanese.

This unparalleled AI has been meticulously trained on over 2TB of textual data, equivalent to 1.74 million pocket-sized books, ensuring it comprehends a diverse range of styles and genres. With AI Novelist, you have the freedom to begin crafting your tale from scratch or utilize one of the many example prompts provided.

To optimize your experience, it's recommended to input at least 5-6 lines of seed text, granting the AI a clear understanding of the desired context or genre. Additionally, the platform invites you to discover Tone Sphere, cited as the most spherical rhythm game in the universe, developed by Sta/Bit192. With comprehensive support from Google's TPU Research Cloud, the AI Novelist is both a technological marvel and an engaging platform for anyone passionate about Japanese storytelling.

Top Features:
  1. Largest Public Japanese AI: AI Novelist is the largest public storytelling AI available in Japanese, offering expansive creative opportunities.

  2. Extensive Training: Trained with a 2TB corpus of data, the AI simulates the equivalent of 1.74 million pocket-sized books.

  3. Customizable Prompts: Users may select from example prompts or input their own seed text to guide the storytelling AI.

  4. Accessibility: AI Novelist is accessible to creators and writers looking to explore new dimensions of Japanese literature.

  5. Additional Entertainment: The platform features Tone Sphere, an engaging rhythm game for users to enjoy.




AI Novelist
Japanese Storywriting AI
Tone Sphere
Google TPU Research Cloud
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