AI Bot

AI Bot

Elevate your Whatsapp with AI Bot - the ultimate platform for creating ChatGPT-powered bots with ease. Whether you're looking to build an image bot using models like Stable Diffusion and Dall-E, or a voice bot that leverages OpenAI's Whisper and text-to-speech technologies, AI Bot provides you with the tools you need. Our no-code start and low-code customization options make it accessible for users of all skill levels, and you can manage your creations using a scalable and flexible low-code platform on Google Cloud. Build powerful text bots that integrate voice and text for seamless business integrations. With ready-to-use templates, easily clone, tweak, and deploy your bot with just one click to Google Cloud. Find out why low-code on the Rowy platform is the best choice for building AI bots with no limitations, secured data, and collaborative features.

Top Features:
  1. No-Code Start: Jumpstart your bot creation with no-code templates.

  2. Low-Code Customization: Fine-tune your AI Bot for any use case with low-code flexibility.

  3. Scalable on Google Cloud: Build your bot on a platform that scales seamlessly with your user base.

  4. Multi-Modal Bots: Create image voice and text bots using advanced AI models.

  5. Collaborative and Secure: Enjoy secure collaboration using Rowy's backend platform with Airtable-like UI.





AI Bot
Stable Diffusion
OpenAI Whisper
Low-Code Platform
Google Cloud


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