AI Directories

AI Directories

AI Directories list revolutionizes how AI tool founders enhance their online presence, ensuring a streamlined process for submitting AI tools to secure valuable backlinks and boost organic traffic. This platform is a boon for those aiming to heighten visibility, drive sales, and reach the right audience efficiently.

Designed with a focus on saving time and bolstering marketing efforts, AI Directories handpicks directories to make your life easier. It's the ideal solution for founders and marketers looking to increase their domain authority and gain valuable backlinks, crucial for SEO enhancement.

With AI Directories, access to over 100 AI tool directories is simplified, housed under one roof for convenience. This comprehensive hub supports founders and marketers in effortlessly submitting their AI products across a diverse range of directories, aimed at improving online visibility and driving more traffic. Early adopters can enjoy discounts, and there's a tailored service for directory submissions, making AI Directories a valuable ally in your AI tool's SEO strategy.

Beyond just a submission platform, AI Directories offers a curated list of directories, providing essential details like domain ratings and user experiences. This, along with a community aspect, positions AI Directories as a comprehensive solution for AI tool marketers looking to extend their reach and solidify their online presence.

Top Features:
  1. Curated List of Directories: Access a well-organized list of over 100 AI directories, alongside crucial details like domain ratings and submission experiences., -

  2. SEO Boost: Utilize the list to improve SEO, obtain backlinks, elevate domain authority, and drive organic traffic.

  3. Time Efficiency: Save approximately 20 hours of marketing work with the streamlined submission process provided.

  4. Exposure and Growth: Increase brand recognition and online visibility within the AI community.

  5. Community Contributions: Benefit from and contribute to a shared resource that enriches the offering for all users involved.


1) What is AI Directories?

AI Directories is a resource that compiles directories focused on AI tools to help increase SEO, secure backlinks, improve domain rating, and boost traffic. It's also a community where users can contribute new directories.

2) What do I get from Pro List exactly?

The Pro List offers submission of your AI Tool to 60+ free AI Directories and gives a report post-submission. It also includes a list of recommended paid directories for further submissions.

3) Why AI Directories list, and not other lists?

AI Directories stand out due to the exhaustive curation tailored for the indie hackers community, with detailed information on directory quality and submission efficiency.

4) How does submission work?

Using the free option, you can manually submit your tool to each directory. Choosing a paid service, Sergiu and his team will handle the submissions for you.

5) How much time it takes to submit and see results from my AI tool?

Submitting to over 30 directories may take up to 2 hours. Results can appear within 1-2 days or longer, depending on the directories' approval processes.





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AI Directories

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