Crazy AI Tools That Can Write Your Code | Must Watch For All Coders

Tools used in the video


In this video we are going to talk about three Ai tools that I am personally using to improve my coding and to write the code faster.

Tool 1

It can generate a code, but it is not replacing you. It is just helping you to write some of the code that you wanted.

Github Go Pilot is a free tool that will help you to have the certain cones into your finger trips. For example, if I want to create some date utils we have today, it will help me there.

The Github Co Pilot is amazing because it is basically helping you, and it has helped me a lot in improving my coding skills. For example, if I want to search something, it is automatically telling me to click this button, then dot quit automatically or directly.

Tool 2

Tab 9 is amazing and it is a Ai uh I personally prefer Tab 9 because it is more Advantage where you can basically plug Tab 9 into your Visual Studio code your Id Jetbrains right?

Tool 3

Dpt and Gpt are definitely useful when you want to generate an array containing all the numbers, convert them to Java, or create an object containing Json.

AI will replace coders?

Ai will not replace your job, but the people who are using Ai will definitely going to, so make sure you are using them whenever you are able to find them. I Really Love Tab 9, Copilot, and Chatgpt.


I hope you have liked the video and let me know which one is your favorite.


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By Rishit