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How to Check and Use TurnItIn to Edit your Work

Tools used in the video

  • Learn how to upload your assignment to your course assignment folder
  • Access and interpret your similarity score using turnitin if it's enabled
  • Log into eConestoga using your Conestoga email address and password
  • Select the correct course and assignment folder to submit your files
  • Check your Conestoga email for automatic notification of submission
  • Review your similarity report on the assignment main page
  • Look for direct matches, quotes, and areas that might need further citation or paraphrasing
  • Revise your work to improve paraphrasing and add citations or references as needed

This video tutorial explains the process of submitting an assignment to a course assignment folder in eConestoga and accessing and interpreting the similarity score using Turnitin. After logging into eConestoga, students need to select the correct course and assignment folder, and upload their files, followed by clicking on "add and submit" and "done." Once submitted, students receive an automatic email notification. To review their similarity report, they need to return to the assignment main page and click on "completion status." The similarity score is presented as a percentage and indicates how much of the assignment matches existing sources in Turnitin's repository. Students need to click on the percentage to see a detailed breakdown of the matching text, which can help them identify which parts of their work match existing sources and need paraphrasing, citation, or referencing. The video also provides examples of how to use the similarity report to edit work and avoid plagiarism. Students need to ensure proper formatting, such as using quotation marks and in-text citations, and effectively paraphrase the ideas of the original author. By following these steps, they can improve their similarity score and produce original work.

Bullet Summary:

  • Video tutorial explains submitting assignments and using Turnitin's similarity score
  • Students need to log into eConestoga, select course and assignment folder, and upload files
  • Similarity score indicates percentage of matching text in Turnitin's repository
  • Detailed breakdown helps identify parts needing paraphrasing, citation, or referencing
  • Examples provided for proper formatting and effective paraphrasing
  • Following steps can improve similarity score and produce original work.


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