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How To Use Tome AI Tool To Create Stunning Presentations Instantly (Step By Step Tutorial)

Tools used in the video

AI-Powered Slide Presentation Tool


  • Video topic: Using AI to create slide presentations.
  • Introduction to "Future tools" website that aggregates AI tools.
  • Highlighted tool for presentations: "Tome".

Steps to Use Tom:

  1. Website Signup

    • Sign up for free.
    • Use Google or individual email.
  2. Profile Setup

    • Choose a role (e.g., creative).
  3. Dashboard Overview

    • Offers various templates and options.
  4. Instructing the AI

    • Guide the AI on desired content.
    • AI generates the presentation.
    • Includes AI-created images.
  5. Editing and Customization

    • Edit, add, or delete slides.
    • Customize content as needed.
  6. Credit System

    • Tool operates on credits.
    • Certain actions cost credits.
    • Earn more credits by referring friends.
  7. Sharing and Collaboration

    • Share, download, or comment on presentations.


  • Efficiency of the AI tool in speeding up presentation creation.
  • Automatic sourcing of information and images.


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By Rishit