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We are going to be sharing five alternatives to Chat Gpt, and most of them can be used for either coding or productivity. So, hit that subscribe button if you haven't already, and let's jump into it.

Autonomous AI

I recently came across Agent Gpt, which can learn from past tasks and prompts and continue iterating.


Autonomous Ai is a tool that lets you achieve your goals by allowing Llms to think, plan, and execute actions autonomously. It's really wild, puts Chat Gpt to shame in my opinion.

Autonomous AI is the next step in Ai, and up until Agent Gpt, you needed to code to do so. Now, with Agent Gpt, if you are a coder or a non-technical person, you can play around and have access to autonomous AI.

The Integrated Content management system takes the steps to build a website fast, and you can let it take on these tasks to complete them.

This has been used for people to manage their entire social media channels, build them websites, and manage their calendar.

This tool allows you to build an AI app in seconds using existing prompts and can be used to build a smart contract or a web application. It uses Gpt4 and is very interesting to play around with.

Meet Cody is an assistant like chat Gpt that understands your business over time as you are continuing to feed a data about it. It can train on your business, your team, processes and clients.

This is a tool that can help you explain what your company does, and it really understands your company. It's much more custom than Chat Gpt or any of these other AI systems out there.


I don't really do scripts, but I use Jasper for that. It's not a free tool, but it's pretty affordable and worth actually paying for.

When I'm writing blog posts for work or scripts for Youtube, I give it my current script and it will reword it for me in the tone I would like.

I use Jasper to reword my emails. It's not free, but it's totally worth it for my personal use because it has so many different templates from ads, blogs, business, e-commerce SEO, social media.

It's called literally anything and you can use it to create Ui to create apps to create photo carousels to create a trip planner whatever you want. It takes a few minutes to fully build but it feels like that in today's world.

I'm someone who uses desktop a lot, so the fact that they only have it on desktop doesn't really affect me. However, I would recommend using to help you build out your Ui, and then take that and then build with it.

My thoughts on AI

When the first digital camera came out, people weren't worried that it was going to take out photographers' jobs. Technology has evolved and is helping us in many ways, so I don't think it will take over all of our jobs.


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