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Atmo AI

Atmo AI is the forefront of AI meteorology, providing unprecedented accuracy in weather forecasting that benefits global leaders when critical decisions affecting lives, jobs, and national security are made. Offering a state-of-the-art approach by marrying Numerical Weather Prediction with Deep Neural Networks, Atmo AI delivers a weather prediction system that is both advanced and accessible. The company prides itself on doubling the time horizon and quadrupling the forecast resolution, revolutionizing the standard for over 4 billion people across 180 countries. With a firm belief in the harmonious blend of physics and AI, Atmo AI has made significant strides such as achieving up to 200% accuracy improvements in rainfall forecasting for areas like Singapore.

The mission of Atmo AI extends beyond mere technology—it envisions a future where no country is left behind, regardless of economic status or existing infrastructure. Its solutions are designed to be affordable and to promote public safety by eliminating weather surprises through early and accurate predictions. This includes preparing nations to proactively address natural disasters, fostering economic growth, and ensuring inclusive access to superior forecasts for all citizens. National security is also a critical focus for Atmo AI, as the company equips military leaders with advanced tools to anticipate and mitigate the risks posed by extreme weather and climate change.

Top Features:
  1. Enhanced Forecasting Capabilities: Doubled time horizon and quadrupled resolution for weather predictions.

  2. AI and Physics Integration: Hybrid system combining Numerical Weather Prediction and Deep Neural Networks.

  3. Significant Accuracy Improvements: Achieved ~200% accuracy improvement in rain forecasting.

  4. Global Accessibility: Designed to be affordable and accessible for all communities worldwide.

  5. National Security Support: Anticipating extreme weather to support military organizations in mitigating risks.





AI Meteorology
Deep Learning
Forecasting Technology
Public Safety
Economic Inclusion


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