BigShort is an organization that provides a market maker trading indicator tool for day traders and swing traders. With their SmartFlow technology, they have achieved impressive real-world profits, turning $139k into $10 million. Their real-time charts cover the NYSE and NASDAQ markets, offering valuable insights for navigating the market. By utilizing their proprietary algorithm, BigShort detects Smart Money activity, providing users with actionable information before it happens. With features like differentiation between Smart Money and Retail volume and a market maker manipulation indicator, traders can make informed decisions. BigShort also offers option flow and dark pool prints for faster decision-making, as well as machine learning-based insights through UltraFlow. Other features include short volume tracking, a live Discord chat, top 10 SmartFlow tickers, the BigShort squeeze, and Spodin internal alerts. Stay ahead of the market with BigShort's comprehensive trading indicator tool.

Top Features:
  1. Real-time Market Insights: Stay up-to-date with real-time charts and data from the NYSE and NASDAQ markets allowing you to make informed trading decisions.

  2. Smart Money Detection: BigShort's proprietary algorithm detects Smart Money activity helping you identify market trends and potential opportunities.

  3. Option Flow and Dark Pool Prints: Visualize option blocks sweeps and splits in real-time overlaid on the SmartFlow chart for quicker decision-making. Dark pool transactions are also included making support and resistance levels easy to spot.

  4. Machine Learning Insights: Utilize the power of machine learning with UltraFlow which combines the SmartFlow of all the individual S&P 500 constituents into one chart providing unprecedented insights into the market.

  5. Additional Features: Track short volume participate in a live Discord chat access the top 10 SmartFlow tickers stay updated on the BigShort squeeze and receive Spodin internal alerts.





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