BoomPop offers a dynamic and inclusive platform to plan and host modern team events. It champions the support of small businesses with over 100 partnerships, primarily consisting of hosts that are small enterprises with 10 or fewer employees. This commitment not only fuels economic growth but also resonates with social responsibility, as many of the hosts promote significant causes such as sustainability, women's empowerment, and diversity.

The platform became a lifeline for small businesses during the pandemic, empowering them to generate substantial revenue through virtual events. BoomPop's easy-to-use interface guides users through a step-by-step planning process, accommodating elements like hotel bookings, transportation, meeting spaces, activities, meals, and budgeting for a comprehensive event management experience.

Top Features:
  1. Partnered with Small Businesses: BoomPop is home to over 100 thriving small businesses.

  2. Support for Important Causes: Hosts on BoomPop are often aligned with causes like sustainability and diversity.

  3. Economic Empowerment: The platform has enabled hosts to earn significant income, particularly during challenging economic times.

  4. Custom Event Planning Interface: Users are guided through a simple process to tailor their event needs.

  5. Diverse Event Components: BoomPop caters to varied event elements including lodging, transportation, and more.


1) What is BoomPop?

BoomPop is a modern events platform that specializes in planning and hosting team events. The experiences are custom, unique, and budget-friendly.

2) How does BoomPop support small businesses?

BoomPop has partnered with over 100 small businesses, with 95% of its hosts being small businesses of 10 people or less.

3) Are there cause-driven event options available on BoomPop?

Many of the hosts on BoomPop are cause-driven, actively supporting and giving back to important causes such as sustainability, women-owned businesses, and minority-owned businesses.

4) What kind of financial impact has BoomPop had on small businesses?

During the pandemic, small businesses partnering with BoomPop have been able to make an average of $1,000+ per hour through virtual events.

5) What event services does BoomPop provide?

The platform facilitates various event needs including hotels, transportation, meeting spaces, activities, meals, and more, all customizable based on your team's requirements.





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