Brand AI Model

Brand AI Model

Contlo’s Brand AI Model allows businesses to orchestrate all their marketing activities with their Brand’s own AI model by contextually generating personalized marketing creatives including emails, images, copies, etc.

To set up the Brand AI Model™, businesses provide a combination of inputs such as brand story, identity, design language, tonality, and aesthetic attributes that represent the brand. The AI model deeply understands the brand and creates personalized marketing strategies and activities, such as creative generation, generative customer journeys, autonomous segments, and campaigns.

Within minutes of training their Brand AI Model™, marketers can generate brand consistent emails, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns. Businesses can leverage their Brand AI Model™ to generate impactful email subject lines, preheaders, and email to boost CTR and open rates along with using auto-generated SMS and WhatsApp texts to retarget their customers much more effectively.





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