ChadView vs Supernormal

Dive into the comparison of ChadView vs Supernormal and discover which AI Meeting Assistant tool stands out. We examine alternatives, upvotes, features, reviews, pricing, and beyond.



What is ChadView?

ChatGPT real-time meetings assistant for job interviews. Our extension listens to your Zoom, Google Meet and Teams call in real-time and answers any questions instantly.

Install Chrome extension

Use our Chrome extension for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet calls. It captures audio directly from your browser, so it's important to conduct your video conference within the browser. Buy a 39 USD subscription and unlimited monthly access to the service.



What is Supernormal?

Supernormal AI is a tool that helps you save time and stay organized during meetings by automatically transcribing and writing the notes for you. It works with Google Meet, and can help you save five to ten minutes every meeting by taking care of the transcription work for you. The notes are instantly shareable to a variety of platforms, including Google Drive, Notion, Quip, Slack, Hubspot, and Salesforce, so you can easily share them with your team. With Supernormal AI, you can stay focused on the meeting and leave the note-taking to the AI, so you can get more done in less time.

ChadView Upvotes


Supernormal Upvotes


ChadView Top Features

  • Receive instant answers in real-time: During the video call, simply press the "Ask" button, and our extension will deliver answers to any questions asked. The extension continuously records the conversation. When you press the "Ask" button, it reviews the previous 30 seconds, identifies the question, and generates a suitable response for you in 3-4 seconds.

  • Power of OpenAI: Our extension is powered by the ChatGPT API, providing you with accurate answers to questions on programming, analytics, and math. Save time by not having to type out answers or research information—simply listen to the interviewer's question, and the answer will appear right before your eyes.

Supernormal Top Features

No top features listed

ChadView Category

    Meeting Assistant

Supernormal Category

    Meeting Assistant

ChadView Pricing Type


Supernormal Pricing Type


ChadView Technologies Used

Framer Sites
Speech to Text

Supernormal Technologies Used

Google Meet
Amazon Web Services

ChadView Tags

Job interview
Chrome Extension
Speech to Text
Google Meet

Supernormal Tags

AI Audio Transcript
AI Voice
Natural Language Processing

In a comparison between ChadView and Supernormal, which one comes out on top?

When we compare ChadView and Supernormal, two exceptional meeting assistant tools powered by artificial intelligence, and place them side by side, several key similarities and differences come to light. With more upvotes, ChadView is the preferred choice. ChadView has garnered 6 upvotes, and Supernormal has garnered 4 upvotes.

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By Rishit