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What is Chatgot?

Chatgot is an advanced online platform where individuals can interact freely with a plethora of AI assistants, designed to cater to a wide range of needs. At the heart of Chatgot is the ability to engage with various AI models like GPT4, Claude V2, Google PaLM 2, Midjourney, and more, simply by using the "@" symbol to specify the AI you wish to chat with. This feature offers users a seamless experience, eliminating the need to switch between different AI platforms.

Trusted by over 350,000 users globally, Chatgot is building the next generation of AI chat assistants, with features such as Web Browsing, which will soon allow users to fetch the latest information via Google or Bing and have AI provide answers based on webpage content. Future enhancements include customized AI characters, where users can create bots tailored to specific tasks like translation, SEO, or even personal companionship.

Additionally, the platform is set to adopt a sharing economy model, enabling users to share or even sell their AI creations. With user privacy as a priority, Chatgot ensures that conversation histories are encrypted, and users have the control to delete their data at any time. Chatgot's multilingual capabilities mean no language barrier—users can converse in numerous languages, ensuring accessibility worldwide.



What is GptAutoBOT?

Experience seamless social media content creation with GptAutoBOT, the innovative browser extension designed to harness the power of ChatGPT. With the facility to construct intriguing articles and status updates on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, this tool ensures both quality and efficiency. Wave goodbye to the blank page and say hello to auto-generated, appealing text for your social networks.

Using GptAutoBOT is a breeze—simply install the Chrome extension, log in at, and begin crafting your content. By entering "/gpt" followed by your command in any text box, GptAutoBOT takes over, transforming your command into a polished post. This user-friendly extension is perfect for content creators and social media enthusiasts seeking to enhance their online presence with minimal effort.

What's more, GptAutoBOT isn't just about social media posts. Our suite of products includes GPTGO.Ai, combining the power of ChatGPT with Google Search technology to elevate your content search capabilities. Step up your content game with GptAutoBOT and explore the possibilities that AI-driven writing assistance can bring to your digital strategy.

Chatgot Upvotes


GptAutoBOT Upvotes


Chatgot Top Features

  • AI Assistant Variety: Supports various AI models like GPT4, Claude V2, and more.

  • Custom AI Characters (Coming Soon): Enables the creation of specialized bots for tasks such as translation and SEO.

  • Web Browsering (Coming Soon): Offers updated information from search engines and answers based on webpage content.

  • Privacy Protections: Encrypts conversation history and gives users control over their data.

  • Multilingual Support: Converses in dozens of languages for global accessibility.

GptAutoBOT Top Features

  • Effortless Installation: Quick Chrome extension setup for immediate use.

  • Easy Social Media Integration: Supports Facebook and Twitter for direct content creation.

  • Simple Commands: Enter "/gpt" plus your command for automated writing.

  • Content Quality: Generates high-quality and attractive text for posts.

  • Time-Saving: Saves time by automating content creation for frequent social media users.

Chatgot Category

    Chat Bot

GptAutoBOT Category

    Chat Bot

Chatgot Pricing Type


GptAutoBOT Pricing Type


Chatgot Technologies Used

Custom LLM

GptAutoBOT Technologies Used

No technologies listed

Chatgot Tags

AI Assistants
Claude V2
Google PaLM 2
Web Browser Extension

GptAutoBOT Tags

Social Media Content
Browser Extension
AI Writing Assistant
Automated Posting

Which one is better? Chatgot or GptAutoBOT?

When we compare Chatgot with GptAutoBOT, which are both AI-powered chat bot tools, In the race for upvotes, Chatgot takes the trophy. The upvote count for Chatgot is 7, and for GptAutoBOT it's 6.

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