MGAI vs Subtxt

In the battle of MGAI vs Subtxt, which AI Text Generation tool comes out on top? We compare reviews, pricing, alternatives, upvotes, features, and more.



What is MGAI?

MGAI is the AI wingman for online dating, created by Ice White and Novo AI. It is based on the bestselling book The Message Game and is designed to give you exactly what to send to women on dating apps, social media and other messaging platforms.

MGAI comes with monthly webinars and a physical copy of the book, shipped for free to subscribers.

MGAI has been featured on the JustPearlyThings YouTube channel and was able to get the phone number of Pearl Davis in just 2 messages, live, with thousands watching.



What is Subtxt?

An AI-powered storytelling tool called Subtxt aids authors in developing more effective and interesting stories. It functions by analysing and comprehending your writing using sophisticated algorithms, then offering you comments and recommendations to help you grow and enhance your thoughts. Without feeling constricted or limited by conventional outlining techniques, Subtxt makes it simple to build an outline or framework for your tale. Subtxt is an excellent tool to support you in bringing your thoughts to life in a more compelling and effective manner, whether you're a professional writer, a storyteller, or just someone who likes writing as a pastime. Consider using Subtxt as a tool to hone your storytelling abilities and produce better stories.

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MGAI Top Features

  • Copy of bestseller The Message Game

  • Monthly webinars

  • Generating openers

  • Suggested replies

Subtxt Top Features

No top features listed

MGAI Category

    Text Generation

Subtxt Category

    Text Generation

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Subtxt Pricing Type


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Subtxt Technologies Used



Dating AI Dating Online Dating Tinder Dating App Dating Apps Social Media Book

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No tags listed

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MGAI Reviews

Ice White

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Between MGAI and Subtxt, which one is superior?

Upon comparing MGAI with Subtxt, which are both AI-powered text generation tools, In the race for upvotes, MGAI takes the trophy. MGAI has been upvoted 8 times by users, and Subtxt has been upvoted 2 times.

Does the result make you go "hmm"? Cast your vote and turn that frown upside down!

By Rishit