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What is Persado?

Unlock unprecedented ROI with Persado's AI-powered language generation. Our advanced platform caters to businesses seeking to enhance customer engagement and conversion rates through messages that strike a chord. The science behind our success lies in predictive language capabilities that resonate with each individual, inspiring action, and generating remarkable revenue growth.

At Persado, we take pride in introducing our Dynamic Motivation feature, specifically designed to combat cart abandonment by boosting e-commerce revenue by 3-5%. Our diverse solutions are meticulously crafted for various use cases, functions, channels, and industries, ensuring that every digital communication is personalized and effective.

Experience the synergy of human creativity and machine precision with Persado. Our Motivation AI platform is a testament to our commitment to drive conversions and create compelling customer stories. Witness the power of an AI that continuously learns and evolves to deliver language that outperforms your best copy 96% of the time.

What is

Unlock the full potential of your e-commerce business with, Shopify's powerful tool for uncovering hidden revenue and boosting profits. By diving deep into your data, helps product and marketing teams determine their primary focus areas, whether it's customer acquisition, conversion rate optimization, or other crucial aspects of your sales funnel. Experience substantial cost savings and performance improvements, as evaluates multi-channel marketing campaigns and streamlines advertising strategies. consolidates data from Shopify, Google Analytics, and various advertising platforms to provide actionable insights in minutes, enabling you to make data-driven decisions swiftly. Customize reports with over 40+ groupings and observe detailed conversion funnels to identify what works and where the gaps lie. Discover which marketing channels and campaigns are underperforming, and optimize your budget allocation for maximum impact.

With its sophisticated attribution system, surpasses traditional analytics tools by offering more accurate data based on user IDs, helping you understand the true effectiveness of your marketing efforts across various platforms, including Facebook and Instagram Ads. Improve your sales strategies, optimize retargeting campaigns, and elevate profits with's in-depth analysis.

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Persado Top Features

  • Predictive Language: Persado's AI crafts messages that resonate with individual customers driving action and maximizing ROI.

  • Dynamic Motivation: This feature targets cart abandonment potentially increasing e-commerce revenue by 3-5%.

  • Personalized Engagement: The platform delivers personalized communication across every customer touchpoint for consistent on-brand experiences.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Machine learning and decision engines refine messaging based on customer behavior and responses.

  • Cross-Channel Consistency: Ensures a uniform brand voice across various channels for comprehensive customer engagement. Top Features

  • In-depth Data Insights: Obtain a comprehensive view of key metrics to inform targeted marketing decisions.

  • Sophisticated Attribution: More accurate campaign attribution based on UTM parameters and user IDs.

  • Conversion Funnel Analysis: Detailed examination of microconversions to pinpoint customer drop-off points.

  • Automatic Data Integration: Connects with Shopify Google Analytics and ad platforms for rapid report generation.

  • Customizable Reports: Create tailored reports with numerous groupings and segments for precise assessments.

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