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Explore the showdown between Scout by vs SpeechText.AI and find out which AI Search Engine tool wins. We analyze upvotes, features, reviews, pricing, alternatives, and more.

Scout by

Scout by

What is Scout by

Scout, powered by Assester.AI, revolutionizes the way 3D models are discovered, offering an AI-powered search engine that identifies 3D assets from pictures in mere seconds. This tool is designed to cater to the needs of CG Artists, streamlining the search process across various 3D stock marketplaces with unmatched speed and visual precision. Artist-friendly and amazingly fast, Scout transforms asset discovery into a simple, efficient, and highly intuitive process.

By simply uploading an image of the desired object, users are presented with the closest matching 3D models available, complete with filtering options and direct links to stock marketplaces. Scout’s default "Search asset by picture" mode swiftly pinpoints the most similar models based on the provided picture. Furthermore, its "Picture Assembler" mode takes asset searching to the next level by analyzing complex images, identifying individual objects within, and suggesting the components—be it 3D models, textures, or shaders—needed to recreate the scene in 3D.

For those on the lookout for cost-effective solutions, Scout includes a "Free assets" filter, allowing users to browse through an extensive collection of complimentary models.

Watch the explainer video for Scout here.



What is SpeechText.AI?

Transform your audio and video content into text effortlessly with SpeechText.AI, the ultimate AI transcription service. Our sophisticated speech recognition technology provides accurate transcriptions of audio files, catering to various industry domains. Here's how SpeechText.AI can revolutionize your transcription needs:

  • Upload with Ease: You can easily upload audio or video files in multiple formats. The AI transcription software is designed to handle files efficiently, offering a seamless user experience.
  • Domain-Specific Accuracy: Choose from predefined categories to improve recognition accuracy for domain-specific words, ensuring that your transcriptions are not only accurate but contextually relevant.
  • Advanced Transcription Engine: SpeechText.AI utilizes cutting-edge deep neural network models which offer near-human accuracy in audio to text conversion.
  • Interactive Editing Platform: Verify and fine-tune your transcriptions with interactive editing tools, making the proofreading process intuitive and efficient.
  • Flexible Export Options: Once satisfied with your transcription, export it in a variety of formats such as txt, pdf, docx, and more, to fit your requirements.

The ease of starting with a free trial makes SpeechText.AI an attractive choice for professionals seeking quality transcription services.

Scout by Upvotes


SpeechText.AI Upvotes


Scout by Top Features

  • AI-powered Search: Use the Scout feature to find 3D assets by picture across various stock marketplaces quickly and visually.

  • Batch Upload: Efficiently convert your asset library into a structured repository with AI tagging and batch upload functionalities.

  • Transparent Pricing: Choose from free, supporter, or pro pricing plans with varying levels of search capacity and support.

  • Discover Free Assets: Easily locate both free and paid assets, fitting the needs of any project or budget.

  • Visual Experience: Enhance your asset searching with a completely visual interface that is made to be artist-friendly.

SpeechText.AI Top Features

  • Speech Recognition: Powerful speech-to-text technology automatically converts voice to text in seconds.

  • Multi-Language Support: An audio to text converter that supports over 30 languages and various non-native speaker accents.

  • Speaker Identification: Cleverly detects and separates speakers in multi-participant conversations.

  • Domain-Specific Models: Offers enhanced accuracy with multiple domain-optimized models.

  • Editing Tools: An easy-to-use proofreading interface for editing and verifying speech recognition results.

Scout by Category

    Search Engine

SpeechText.AI Category

    Search Engine

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SpeechText.AI Pricing Type


Scout by Technologies Used

Custom Image Generation Model

SpeechText.AI Technologies Used

No technologies listed

Scout by Tags

find 3d model by picture
search engine
search 3d asset by image
find free 3d models
find 3d furniture by picture
AI Tagging
CG Artists
3D Assets
Batch Upload

SpeechText.AI Tags

Speech Recognition
Multi-Language Support
Speaker Identification
Domain-Specific Models
Audio Search Engine

When comparing Scout by and SpeechText.AI, which one rises above the other?

When we contrast Scout by with SpeechText.AI, both of which are exceptional AI-operated search engine tools, and place them side by side, we can spot several crucial similarities and divergences. In the race for upvotes, Scout by takes the trophy. Scout by has received 8 upvotes from users, while SpeechText.AI has received 6 upvotes.

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