Pieter Levels

Pieter Levels

Pieter Levels, a self-taught tech entrepreneur and remote work advocate from the Netherlands, is a shining example of success in the digital nomad and remote working sectors. His journey into web development started during his teenage years and has since evolved into a series of innovative online ventures. Pieter Levels is best known for creating Nomad List and RemoteOK, platforms that have become central to the digital nomad community and remote work culture.

Early Beginnings and Learning Approach

  • Self-Taught Developer: Pieter Levels is a prime example of a successful self-taught developer. He began his journey into coding as a teenager, learning through practical application rather than formal education.
  • Practical Approach to Learning: His "learn by doing" approach has been pivotal in his success. He believes in solving real-world problems through coding, often searching Google for solutions and learning from platforms like Stackoverflow, rather than following traditional educational courses.

Key Ventures: Nomad List and RemoteOK

  • Nomad List: Launched in 2014, Nomad List quickly became a cornerstone for the digital nomad community. It offers comprehensive data on cities around the world, catering to the needs of location-independent professionals.
  • RemoteOK: This job board is another testament to Levels' foresight into the remote work trend, providing a platform for remote job listings and career resources.

Business Philosophy and Growth Strategy

  • Building and Monetizing Early: Pieter Levels’ business strategy revolves around building websites quickly and focusing on monetization from the outset. He adds more features only when the market validates his ideas.
  • Marketing Techniques: Levels' success can be attributed to his intentional marketing techniques, including organic community building, content marketing, and SEO. He focuses on one area at a time, gradually expanding his outreach and audience.

Technology Stack and Approach to Coding

  • Simple, Effective Tech Stack: Contrary to popular trends, Levels uses a basic tech stack, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and SQLite. His choice emphasizes efficiency and practicality over complexity.
  • Focus on Practical Results: Levels' approach to technology is driven by a focus on outcomes rather than processes, demonstrating that success doesn't always require the most sophisticated tools.

Recent Ventures and Impact on AI

  • Advent into AI: Recently, Levels has explored the AI space with projects like PhotoAI and InteriorAI.com, diversifying his portfolio and embracing new tech trends.


Pieter Levels represents the quintessence of a resilient, adaptive entrepreneur thriving in the digital era. His journey, marked by self-teaching, practical problem-solving, and innovative marketing strategies, underscores the potential for success outside traditional pathways. His ventures, particularly Nomad List and RemoteOK, have not only achieved financial success but also significantly influenced the remote work and digital nomad landscapes.


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