CrushOn.AI is a pioneering platform that redefines the way users interact with AI-generated characters, offering a boundless realm for creativity and self-expression. This innovative platform opens the doors to unrestricted conversations with AI characters, where users can bring their wildest ideas to life.

What sets CrushOn.AI apart is its dedication to inclusivity, providing multilingual support to cater to users from across the globe. Creating personalized AI entities is made effortless through a user-friendly text input system. A standout feature of CrushOn.AI is its character training, enabling AI characters to continuously evolve and improve based on user feedback and interactions. This dynamic process ensures a more authentic and engaging AI experience, fostering truly inventive interactions.

CrushOn.AI extends beyond traditional chat platforms, offering a stage for advanced creative exploration. Users are encouraged to push the boundaries of their imagination, resulting in characters capable of unique and innovative interactions.

Top Features:
  1. Create custom NSFW characters
  2. Access unrestricted NSFW content
  3. Train AI characters
  4. Engage in natural language conversations
  5. Discover diverse public user-created AIs





NSFWCharacter AIAI ChatbotNSFW Chatbot Multilingual Support Personalized AI Character Training User Feedback Innovative Interactions

Tech used:

Neural Language Models React Next.js Mantine Tailwind CSS NextAuth.js

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