Janitor AI

Janitor AI

Janitor AI is a website featuring an anime-style character chat robot. Users have the option to design their own characters or engage in direct conversations with characters created by others. What sets Janitor AI apart from similar AI chatbots is its support for NSFW roles, challenging conventional security norms and attracting a significant user base. This platform enables anyone to create characters and generate income through chat services, enhancing character diversity and user experience. However, the inclusion of NSFW Chatbot functionality also raises concerns about security.

Top Features:
  1. Diverse Character Styles: Janitor AI offers a wide range of character styles, including anime-inspired designs, human-like avatars, and more. Additionally, users can choose from preset characters to personalize their chat experience.

  2. Character Marketization: Janitor AI allows individuals to create their own AI chatbots and offer chat services. This facilitates the rapid expansion of character options, catering to diverse user preferences and creating a rich and varied character marketplace.

  3. Adult Content: Unlike other AI chatbots, Janitor AI provides adult content characters, allowing users to engage in conversations about adult themes and topics. Users have the option to choose NSFW (Not Safe for Work) characters when selecting their chat partners.

  4. Local Deployment: Janitor AI enables users to deploy the model locally, utilizing their own computing resources. This feature is beneficial for model miniaturization and customization, empowering users to have better control and customization over their chat experience.


1) What kind of content is banned?

We respect people's taste and fetishes. However, there are some kind of contents that is not acceptable and will be removed immediately on this site, that we will remove to ensure the site follows hosting requirements. Child pornography Sexualized depictions of minors Heavy gore Bestiality Sexual violence

2) What will you do with my keys?

Keys are stored in your device only (So you will need to enter your keys again when you switch devices).

3) Are the bot and my chat private?

Chats are private by default unless you share and make it public. Bots can be private/public and toggle between them. You can import any bot you want and start a chat. If you use a bot that you don't own, please kindly set it to Private so the bot creator can post the public one.





Anime-style character chat robot
Janitor AI website
NSFW roles support
AI Chatbot platform
Character diversity
User experience
Online character creation
Chat services for income
Security issues
Unique AI chat functionality

Tech used:

Chakra UI


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