Leverage AI to instantly discover the best real estate deals in any market.

Leadflow’s real estate tech & Ai data is the definition of “work smarter, not harder.”

Our tests indicated a 271% increase in seller response rates when marketing to Ai Scored leads versus marketing to a general list of leads. Not only that, but when you filter leads based on Sellability Score, you can reserve your marketing for just those leads with the highest propensity to sell, saving you both time and money.

Leadflow's real estate tech stack with Ai allows you to laser focus on only those leads who will be most receptive to your message and services.

Leadflow scores each property with 3 Sellability Scores ranging from 0 - 1,000:

Retail - Ideal for residential real estate agents, brokers, and investors with agent partnerships. Indicates the property’s propensity to sell in the next 90 days. Rental - Ideal for landlords and investors looking to add more properties to a rental portfolio. Indicates the property’s propensity to be sold and used as a rental property. Wholesale - Ideal for wholesalers, fix & flippers, and investors looking to purchase properties at a discount. Indicates a property’s propensity to sell at a discount.





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