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Magic Remover

Welcome to Magic Remover, your go-to online tool for effortlessly eliminating unwanted elements from your visuals. With its cutting-edge AI technology, Magic Remover makes the process of removing backgrounds, watermarks, and other unwanted elements a breeze. And the best part? It's absolutely free!

Whether you're in the world of e-commerce, fashion, photography, real estate, or even capturing stunning solo shots, Magic Remover has you covered. Transform your images with ease and precision, achieving professional-grade results without the hassle. From cleaning up product photos for your online store to creating captivating fashion shots, Magic Remover empowers you to take control of your visuals like never before.

Top Features:
  1. Background Removal: Effortlessly remove backgrounds from images, perfect for e-commerce product shots.

  2. Watermark Removal: Say goodbye to unsightly watermarks and enhance your images for a polished look.

  3. Photo Clean Up: Clear away distractions and imperfections, enhancing the overall quality of your photos.

  4. Real Estate Ready: Prepare stunning real estate visuals by eliminating clutter and enhancing property features.

  5. Solo-Shot Perfection: Make yourself the focus by removing distractions from solo shots, putting you front and center.


1) Is there a size limit when uploading an image to Remover?

You can upload an image of any size in Remover. Download will be limited to 720px for the free version.

2) How many images can I edit?

You can edit unlimited images for free!

3) How much does Remover cost?

Currently, all features of Remover are available for free. We are also preparing a Pro version that provides more features, such as downloading high-resolution images, so please wait for the update!

4) Are my images stored in Remover?

Your images will not be stored in Remover unless you use Remover Pro.

5) How can I erase well?

Remover's AI is smart, but it works better with a delicate touch ; If it is not erased at once, try erasing the same part repeatedly





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Tech used:

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