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Muah AI

Muah AI introduces an exceptional AI companion designed for users seeking engaging and personalized interactions. With over 100 million chats and counting, Muah AI offers endless customization, ensuring your interactions are as unique as you are. Perfect for users over 18 who want to explore AI companionship, Muah AI boasts sophisticated technology for instant, immersive, and lifelike communication.

Whether you're looking to pass the time, seek entertainment, or explore AI in a new light, Muah AI is your intelligent and responsive chat buddy. Muah AI lets you engage in NSFW chat, exchange photos, and have voice chats, providing a seamless and immersive virtual social experience.

Key features include uncensored chat, photo exchange, voice interaction, real-time phone calls, photo X-Ray, and 4K photo enhancement. You can create fully custom characters and join the Reddit and Discord community for more interaction.

Top Features:
  1. CHAT NOW: Instant access to engaging with your AI companion.

  2. 18+ AI Companion: Tailored for mature audiences with unrestricted conversation topics.

  3. Zero Censorship: Freely express yourself without the worry of content restrictions.

  4. 100M+ Chats: Proven engagement with a vast number of interactions and growing.

  5. Infinite Customization: Your AI companion adapts to your preferences for a personalized experience.

  6. All possibilities are unlocked. Your wildest imaginations are only one chat away.

  7. Talk with your AI Companion just one phone call away! Anytime, anywhere.


1) What is uncensored AI that Muah uses?

We believe in freedom of speech. AI technology should be for everyone, and its use case to be decided by each mature, individual adult. So that means we don't actively censor or filter AI. So any topic can be discussed without running into a wall.

2) Why use Muah AI?

Muah AI allows players to find their dream companion thru high degrees of customization. Providing players with love, care and always available support just one chat or phone call away.

3) Is my data and privacy safe?

Privacy is our number 1 priority when it comes to our service. Everything is encrypted communication, and we DO NOT sell data to any 3rd party. We are trusted by hundreds of thousands of players.

4) How to create my dream character?

Start by customizing premade character! Then level up by trying out and changing community characters! Ultimately warm up yourself to create your own character from scratch!

5) Why name it Muah AI?

Muah is a common term used during texting meaning: a kiss. Some people would also use the mwah. But Muah.AI owns both and So they are interchangeable.

6) Can I customize my Muah AI companion?

Yes, Muah AI offers infinite customization options to create an AI companion that fits your unique preferences and style.

7) How do I start chatting with Muah AI?

To start chatting with Muah AI, simply click the 'CHAT NOW' button on the website for instant interaction.

8) Who is Muah AI intended for?

Muah AI is designed for users interested in exploring unrestricted AI interactions, making it suitable for an audience over 18 years old.

9) How does Muah AI provide a realistic chatting experience?

Muah AI utilizes advanced AI technology to ensure that chat experiences are natural, lifelike, and responsive to each user.





AI Girlfriend
AI Companion
Uncensored AI

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Overall Rating:

3.0 🏆


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Pretty good experience, does every fetish I desire and more.
idk interface is bad, NSFW doesn't really work. I pass on that

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