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PepHop AI offers a platform where users can engage in interactive chats with a myriad of virtual characters, each with their own unique persona and backstory. The Discover page is a showcase of these diverse AI characters, ranging from individuals with past traumas to those with specific interests like anime, gaming, and more. Each character is meticulously crafted to provide users with a rich and immersive chatting experience. Whether you're looking to engage in a light-hearted conversation or delve into deeper narratives, PepHop AI provides the setting for a myriad of virtual interactions.

The platform stands out with its extensive roster of characters, each accompanied by a brief description hinting at their personality and potential conversation topics. Users can choose from over 4,600 characters, ensuring there's always someone new to chat with. The platform also highlights popular and trending characters, making it easier for users to pick a character that aligns with their interests. With PepHop AI, every chat is a new adventure, a step into a different world, and an opportunity to explore diverse narratives.

Top Features:
  1. Extensive Roster of Characters: Choose from over 4,600 unique AI characters for diverse chatting experiences.

  2. Immersive Conversations: Engage in rich dialogues with characters, each with their own backstory and persona.

  3. Popular and Trending Picks: Easily identify trending and popular characters to engage with.

  4. Diverse Personalities: From anime enthusiasts to individuals with past traumas, there's a character for every user.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: Navigate through the platform with ease and pick your desired character for an engaging chat.


1) Will the site be forever free?

Yes it is because we don't run the AI/back-end (running those are very expensive). You still need either an OpenAI API key, or KoboldAI endpoint. Think of the site as AgnAI/Tavern + CharacterHub, with less feature.

2) What will I get from donating?

We don't have anything to offer back for donators (yet), aside from some small perks: Some roles with color on our Discord. A donator badge on our site . Your name in our Hall of Fame for donators (You can also opt-out if you want). We might add some merch/store in the future, if we have more resource for that.

3) What kind of content is banned?

We respect people's taste and fetishes. However, there are some kind of contents that is not acceptable and will be removed immediately on this site, that we will remove to ensure the site follows hosting requirements. Child pornography Sexualized depictions of minors Heavy gore Bestiality Sexual violence Please help us report the content if you see it. This apply to real pictures or 3D-rendered picture. The rules for hentai and drawn pictures is looser because they are fiction and not real people.

4) What will you do with my keys?

Keys are stored in your device only (So you will need to enter your keys again when you switch devices). The whole project is open-sourced so you can check and see what the code does.

5) Why do I need to login?

I want to support anonymous login too, but the technology I use doesn't support that yet. It might be implemented later.





Virtual ChatAI CharactersInteractive DialoguesDiverse PersonalitiesTrending PicksRich NarrativesUser EngagementVirtual CompanionsRoleplay ChatImmersive Experience

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Overall Rating:

5.0 🏆


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It makes me mad that the free trial limit doesnt show you how much messages can you send and what makes me even angrier they say its free i dont think so when you have to pay.

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