Pocket AI

Pocket AI

Pocket is a revolutionary personal finance chatbot utilizing the power of ChatGPT AI. This intuitive platform allows users to effortlessly link their credit cards and bank accounts through the secure partnership with PLAID. Get instant answers to your financial queries at any time, such as recent spending at specific stores or monthly utility expenses. Pocket enables you to track and analyze your spending habits effectively, leading to increased financial awareness. The convenience of accessing your financial data on the go, combined with the ability to save time through automatic tracking of finances, makes Pocket an essential tool for managing personal finances. All this comes with the assurance that your financial information remains safe and encrypted.

Top Features:
  1. Immediate Financial Insights: Quick answers to personal finance questions through linked cards and accounts.

  2. Enhanced Financial Awareness: Real-time access to financial data for better spending habits.

  3. Time Management: Saves time on tracking finances by automating the process.

  4. Convenient Access: On-the-go financial information available on mobile and desktop devices.

  5. Secure and Trusted: Partnered with PLAID for safe and encrypted data transactions.


1) What is Pocket?

Pocket is a personal finance chatbot powered by AI that allows users to link their credit cards and bank accounts to get answers to their financial questions.

2) How does Pocket work?

Pocket uses natural language processing to understand and respond to your financial queries with personalized information from your linked financial accounts.

3) What are the benefits for me?

Yes, you can track spending across multiple cards, compare expenditures, and access detailed analytics, amongst other benefits.

4) Is my financial information safe with Pocket?

Yes, Pocket uses PLAID to ensure secure and encrypted data transmission, keeping your financial information safe.

5) Is there a cost to use Pocket?

Pocket is free to use with some premium features potentially available in the future.





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