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Imagine you had 1000 writers working for you, creating awesome tweets day and night.

That's Postwise.

Top Features:
  1. 1000 writers creating awesome tweets 24/7? That's Postwise!
  2. Simply write your topic, edit your tweet & hit schedule.
  3. Postwise will handle the rest.
  4. Our GrowthTools™ suite will have your followers soaring in no time
  5. Tools optimized for sales - plug links, retweet winning content, auto send DMs and more!

1) How to Use Postwise AI to Write Better Tweets?

1. Use broad or opinionated topics 2. Use some Inspiration 3. Add some context 4. Avoid current events 5. Use a topic generator 6. Use tone modifiers

2) What is a Single AI Tweet?

A single AI tweet is just one tweet written using AI. It's the best way to get snappy, informative and compelling ideas across without overwhelming your followers with multiple tweets in a thread.

3) How to Write AI Tweets (Single)?

Step 1: Choose single Step 2: Enter Topic Step 3: Create! 🤖 Step 4: Favourite or Schedule

4) What is an AI Tweet Thread?

An AI tweet thread is the starting hook to a thread that will lure people on Twitter to continue reading. A great Thread hook is the difference between a tweet that does exceptionally well and a tweet that flops, so ensuring your starting thread is awesome is super important to growing on Twitter.

5) How to Write AI Tweets (Threads)

Step 1: Choose Thread Step 2: Enter Topic Step 3: Create! 🤖 Step 4: Favourite or Schedule



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