Postwise is the world's smartest Twitter and LinkedIn AI tool designed to streamline your social media presence. It acts as your personal AI ghostwriter, creating engaging and viral content that resonates with your audience. With Postwise, you can easily write, schedule, and grow your following on two major professional and social networking platforms.

By leveraging its advanced AI capabilities, you get to craft viral posts in just seconds – a tool that's like having a thousand writers at your beck and call, dedicated to driving your online success. The AI is trained on proven engaging content, assuring that what you post captures attention and fosters engagement.

An exciting feature Postwise offers is the ability to begin for free without any stress, inviting users to experience its power firsthand. Within its toolkit, it also boasts GrowthTools™ which promises to boost your follower count with minimal effort and features optimized for sales, such as link plugging, retweeting successful content, auto-sending direct messages, and more.

Imagine you had 1000 writers working for you, creating awesome tweets day and night.

That's Postwise.

Top Features:
  1. Create Viral Content: Leveraging AI to craft engaging posts that are more likely to go viral.

  2. Schedule Posts: Plan and schedule your content for Twitter and LinkedIn in advance.

  3. AI-Powered Growth: Use GrowthTools™ to significantly increase your followers effortlessly.

  4. Optimized for Sales: Incorporate sales tools, such as auto-DM, to boost your profit potential.

  5. Free to Start: Offers a zero-stress initiation with the ability to start using the service for free.


1) How to Use Postwise AI to Write Better Tweets?

1. Use broad or opinionated topics 2. Use some Inspiration 3. Add some context 4. Avoid current events 5. Use a topic generator6. Use tone modifiers

2) How to Write AI Tweets (Single)?

Step 1: Choose single Step 2: Enter Topic Step 3: Create! 🤖 Step 4: Favourite or Schedule

3) What is an AI Tweet Thread?

An AI tweet thread is the starting hook to a thread that will lure people on Twitter to continue reading. A great Thread hook is the difference between a tweet that does exceptionally well and a tweet that flops, so ensuring your starting thread is awesome is super important to growing on Twitter.

4) How does Postwise ensure the content is engaging?

Postwise is equipped with AI that has been trained on content that has proven to be engaging and viral.

5) What other features does Postwise offer beyond content creation?

In addition to content creation, Postwise offers tools to increase followers and automate sales-related tasks.

6) What are some of the sales optimization features of Postwise?

Postwise contains tools that allow you to plug links in your content, retweet winning content, and send automated direct messages to your audience.




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