Step into the future with Sturppy, the cutting-edge platform that revolutionizes financial planning and analysis for your business. Powered by the advanced AI of GPT-4, Sturppy Plus and CFO Chat act as your virtual CFO, providing a seamless experience that simplifies complex financial operations. Imagine creating an AI clone of your company's financials in minutes, capable of generating insightful charts and graphs, surfacing key performance indicators (KPIs), and conducting in-depth what-if analyses. With Sturppy, automate your financial reporting through an intuitive ChatGPT-like interface and embark on a smarter way to handle your startup's finances. Whether you are looking to enhance your financial modeling skills or streamline your investment preparation, Sturppy's robust toolset, including a Free Startup Finance Dictionary and an Investor Prep Game, is designed to empower entrepreneurs and finance professionals alike. Dive into our Future of Finance Blog for the latest insights, or master Excel and Sheets with our comprehensive guides. Join Sturppy today and unlock a 30-day free trial to experience financial automation like never before.

Top Features:
  1. AI-Powered Virtual CFO: Quick and efficient virtual financial advising and analysis with GPT-4 technology.

  2. Automated Financial Operations: Instant creation of an AI clone of company financials for efficient management.

  3. Intelligent Reporting: Automated generation of charts graphs and KPIs for insightful financial reporting.

  4. What-If Analysis Capabilities: Conduct in-depth simulations to anticipate and plan for various financial scenarios.

  5. Educational Resources and Tools: Access to a free Startup Finance Dictionary Investor Prep Game and tutorial content on YouTube.





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