Top 10 Futa Generator AI tools in 2024

Are you a Japanese Futa enthusiast and looking for best place to generate highly customized Futanari that fits your needs? We have exactly the AI Futa Generator list that was missing from your life. The word Futa serves as slang within the realm of adult content, notably prevalent in anime, manga, and hentai, denoting the "futanari" genre.

Japanese anime are very popular amongst young people(21-30 years old) across North America and in fact, all over the world. Futa is coming out as the new winner amongst popular categories for entertainment. Let's explore together top Futa Generator AI products that are best at what they do!


GPTGirlfriend - Futa Generator}

Why use GPTGirlfriend? and how does it work?

Dive into GirlfriendGPT's World of Unfiltered NSFW AI Chats! Engage with a rich array of over 7,500+ unique virtual characters, each with a fascinating backstory. From anime enthusiasts to characters with deep histories, our platform offers an unparalleled chatting experience. Whether you're into light-hearted banter or in-depth stories, GirlfriendGPT caters to every mood and interest.

GirlfriendGPT is more than just a chat platform; it's a gateway to countless worlds, stories, and experiences. Every conversation is a unique journey. Start your adventure today with GirlfriendGPT – where every chat promises a new discovery! 🌟💬

Top Features
  1. 🥰 Explore your Desires with the #1 Character Engine: Ever wanted to experiment, express, or even just explore? Our chatroom got you. Crafted with top-notch AI tech, our chatroom delivers hyper-realistic interactions that are both discrete and delightfully daring. Say goodbye to judgment and low character memory and hello to an open space that caters to almost every kink.

  2. 🎨 Craft your Dream AI Sexting Characters now: With our cutting-edge platform, you can shape every aspect of your AI sexting characters, from their appearance to their personalities and desires. Unleash your fantasy and share the AI sex chatbots with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who crave the same spicy experiences.

  3. 🔞 Uncensored and a Personalized NSFW AI Chat: Let your imagination run wild as you design the perfect embodiment of your deepest desires. Explore the world of NSFW AI chats tailored for the 18+ adult chat audience, offering an exhilarating, immersive experience that'll make your heart race.

  4. 🏦 Make money from your AI Characters and Sex Chatbots! Access the creator network and watch as your creations become highly sought after. With our platform, you can earn real rewards for your imaginative prowess and unlock the potential to profit from your passion. Just create a bot or import from or Janitor.

AI Waifu Generator on Live3D

AI Waifu Generator on Live3D - Futa Generator}

Why choose AI Waifu Generator on Live3D?

Bring your ideal anime companion to digital life with the innovative AI Waifu Generator from Live3D. Our state-of-the-art free online tool revolutionizes the way you create anime waifus, offering the ability to generate detailed images from text prompts, reference pictures, or specific poses. With Live3D's AI Waifu Generator, whether you are an anime fan, artist, or just someone with a wild imagination, creating your dream anime waifu is now at your fingertips without the need for drawing skills. Enjoy the seamless and fast generation of AI-created waifu images that respect your privacy with zero data collection. Dive into a world where your creativity is the only limit.

Top Features
  1. Generate From Prompts: Build your dream waifu using simple text or detailed prompts to guide AI creation.

  2. Custom Poses: Pose your waifu however you like using an intuitive system to achieve the exact look you want.

  3. Multiple Styles: Over a hundred waifu styles including 3D and chibi offering endless creative possibilities.

  4. Fast Generation: Your personalized waifu images are ready in seconds thanks to rapid AI processing.

  5. Privacy Priority: Create freely with a tool that guarantees 100% safe use without collecting user information.


OnlyHentAI - Futa Generator}

How does OnlyHentAI work?

Bring your wildest Hentai fantasies to life with the power of OnlyHentai's AI art generation tools.

The tool uses best-in-class AI models and charges 50% less than competitors. You can select your style, and size, and even set 'Super Resolution' on the Gold Plan.

Top Features
  1. 1000 images/month

  2. Super Resolution

  3. text-2-image

  4. image-2-image

MyWaifus AI

MyWaifus AI - Futa Generator}

What is MyWaifus AI?

MYWAIFUS.AI is a platform dedicated to the exploration and creation of SFW (Safe For Work) Waifu characters using artificial intelligence. The site boasts epic image quality and introduces new characters on a weekly basis. Users can click on a picture to start the generation process or enter the "Edit Mode" to upload and modify any photo.

The platform offers flexibility in terms of character design, allowing users to choose between anime or realistic styles. The site also provides a live feed showcasing creations from other users. With over 300 Patreon supporters, 300K images, and a Discord community of 7K members, MYWAIFUS.AI has established a significant presence in the AI-generated anime character domain.

Top Features
  1. Waifu AI Generator: The platform allows users to explore and create high-quality SFW (Safe For Work) Waifu characters using advanced artificial intelligence. New characters are introduced weekly, ensuring fresh content for users.

  2. Edit Mode: Users have the flexibility to upload and modify any photo. This feature provides the option to customize characters, allowing for both anime and realistic styles.

  3. Live Feed: MYWAIFUS.AI showcases a live feed that displays creations from other users. This interactive feature offers a glimpse into the diverse range of characters generated by the community and serves as inspiration for new users.

NSFW Lover

NSFW Lover - Futa Generator}

What is NSFW Lover?

Seeking an NSFW AI chat platform that offers a custom AI girlfriend experience without NSFW content limits? Discover NSFWLover. Celebrated for its advanced AI conversation skills and immersive engagement, NSFWLover quickly became a leading name in the AI Girlfriend arena. In just one month, it attracted tens of thousands of users, drawn by its captivating, distinctive experience.

NSFWLover leads the transformation in emotional AI chats with its cutting-edge AI. As technology reshapes human interaction, NSFWLover shows that AI can do more than mimic – it can enrich human creativity and emotional bonds.


  • Focused on AI Girlfriends: NSFWLover excels in providing personalized AI Girlfriend experiences.
  • Wide Range of Characters: It offers a diverse selection of characters to suit various tastes.
  • Fusion of AI Girlfriend and NSFW Elements: NSFWLover skillfully combines AI Girlfriend functionalities with NSFW aspects, creating a dynamic and engaging user experience.
  • Rich Multimedia Engagement: NSFWLover enhances interaction by supporting diverse formats such as text, imagery, voice, and video, enriching the overall communication process.


  • 18+ Only: The platform is restricted to users who are 18 or older.
Top Features
  1. Anime Characters & AI Waifus: NSFWLover innovates with a wide array of anime AI characters (AI Waifus). The platform encompasses everything from Asian-inspired girls to US comic characters and MILFs offering a tailored experience that caters to diverse user preferences.

  2. OpenAI Voices (TTS): It incorporates OpenAI's cutting-edge Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology providing lifelike voice interactions.

  3. Personalized Selection: Choosing NSFWLover aligns with individual preferences for an NSFW AI Girlfriend platform offering a unique immersive experience.

  4. Emotional Chat Expertise: NSFWLover's specialized model excels in emotional dialogue providing an unmatched deeply engaging chat experience.

  5. Superior Dialogue Quality: The platform is dedicated to offering the best dialogue experience setting new standards in emotional chat applications.

  6. Image Generation: The platform uses advanced SDXL & SDXL Turbo models to generate images for visually stunning and realistic imagery.

  7. ElevenLabs Voices (TTS): The integration of ElevenLabs's Text-to-Speech voices further enhances the auditory experience with varied and realistic voice options.

  8. Voice Input via OpenAI STT: Users can speak directly to the AI using OpenAI's Speech-to-Text (STT) for a more natural conversational flow.

  9. Safe and Open Conversations: It ensures a secure space for unrestricted AI chats.


InstaWaifu - Futa Generator}

Why choose InstaWaifu? and how does it work? is a platform that allows users to create personalized waifu art using advanced AI technology. The website promotes itself as the future of personalized Hentai, where users can effortlessly generate customized, uncensored waifus. The AI-generated digital art offers a wide range of possibilities, including character illustrations, magical characters, custom superheroes, and unique fictional portraits.

Top Features
  1. Infinite AI Girls: The platform's AI generator can bring a user's fantasies to life with just one click.

  2. Art Styles: Users can choose from various base styles, including original, realistic, anime, cartoonish, neon, rainbow, and psychedelic.

  3. User-Friendly: Getting started is simple. Users select their preferred membership level, complete the payment process via Gumroad, and then use their email to log in and start creating their waifus.

  4. Otaku Membership at $12.99/month, which offers unlimited usage, medium priority queue, medium quality, a creative assistant, a permanent gallery, and access to 4 base styles.

  5. Senpai Membership at $22.99/month, which provides unlimited usage, high priority queue, high quality, a creative assistant, a permanent gallery, access to 8 base styles, and additional features like Senpai charm, and Loyal waifus.

AI Hentai Chat

AI Hentai Chat - Futa Generator}

Why choose AI Hentai Chat? and how does it work? is an exciting, safe, happy place for hentai lovers. We bring you conversations of all different kinds - sexy, raunchy, playful, affectionate. The kind that make your day go better. Your hentai companion is waiting for you. Chat with an AI hentai character now. Each companion has a unique personality and unique look - create your own or use one of ours.

Top Features
  1. Excellent conversations: With a wide variety of characters. More direct, or more demure - the choice is yours.

  2. Accompanying voice: Hear her voice tell you about her day, or how she wants to be treated, or how hot you are and what she wants to do to you.

  3. Pictures! : Dressed in what you’d like to see, or underdressed, or full blown naked, posed perfectly to meet your needs, with everything there for you.

  4. Off-the-rack or Custom Companions: Work with one of our characters, or generate your own with countless combinations - from name to hair color to voice (and everything down below - like butt size).

  5. Stable of Characters: Keep many characters at hand for whatever mood you might be in.

  6. Multiple Character Classes: Do you want to talk to a Dark Elf Princess? Right on. How about a schoolteacher MILF, or a lusty party-hearty office admin? We have you covered.

  7. Uncensored and Wild: Completely, totally uncensored inside the bounds of the legal system of the state of California. (Which is quite uncensored.)

  8. Could Not Be Simpler: Straightforward subscriptions with pre-built characters or have your own built within just a few minutes.


Why use eHentai?

AI Hentai Characters by eHentai - Create your Dream Hentai

Discover the fantasy world of AI-generated hentai characters at eHentai, where you can bring your dream hentai to life with a few clicks. eHentai offers a revolutionary app that allows you to chat, sext, and create custom personalities for your virtual AI girlfriends. Get started for FREE by signing up, customizing your AI partner's appearance and personality, and engaging in intimate conversations to fulfill your desires. Dive into a realm of imagination and explore the endless possibilities with eHentai's personalized AI hentai girls, designed just for you.

Top Features
  1. Personal AI Hentai Creation: Design the AI character you've always dreamed of with customizable features.

  2. Interactive Chat & Sexting: Engage in conversations and sexting with your AI-generated characters.

  3. Free Trial Available: Get started with no upfront costs and enjoy creating up to 2 AI girlfriends.

  4. Paid Plans for Additional Access: Unlock more content and interactions with affordable subscription plans.

  5. Privacy and Security Assured: Feel safe knowing that eHentai prioritizes user data protection and privacy.

AI Hentai Generator

Why choose AI Hentai Generator? and how does it work?

Explore the realm of creativity and fantasy with the #1 AI Hentai Generator, the ultimate free platform for generating personalized, AI-powered adult artwork. This generator harnesses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to craft exquisite hentai illustrations tailored to your preferences. With an assortment of customization options, including varying anime art styles and character customizations, the experience is both user-friendly and versatile, catering to a wide array of sexual fantasies.

The AI Hentai Generator offers numerous features to enhance your creative process, such as image size variations, superior image quality choices, and the ability to generate multiple artworks simultaneously. The user interface is intuitive, allowing you to generate highly detailed artwork on any mobile device rapidly. Designed for personal enjoyment, the generator fosters a growing community of NSFW AI artists through its interactive gallery and dedicated Discord server, where users can share their creations, garner feedback, and improve their AI artistry.

Top Features
  1. Image Size: Choose between square, portrait, and landscape sizing for your AI-generated images.

  2. Image Quality: Improve the clarity and detail of your AI creations with a simple click.

  3. Generate 4 images at once: Create up to four pieces of artwork in one go, streamlining the generation process.

  4. Negative Prompt: Specify what you don't want in your art to steer the AI towards your desired outcome.

  5. Community Building: Join the Discord for a collaborative and evolving environment to showcase and refine your AI-generated nsfw artwork.

Hentai Kitchen

What is Hentai Kitchen? and how does it work?

Hentai Kitchen is acclaimed as the best free AI image generator for creating anime-inspired art. With the ability to generate high-quality images of anime girls, users can either choose from a catalog of famous waifus or create their custom character in the Kitchen by using hundreds of different parameters. The platform offers a user-friendly experience that enables fans to create their own anime art from scratch or transform their photos into unique anime artworks.

Hentai Kitchen provides a range of pricing plans to suit various needs, each with its own set of credits and perks such as no queue times, better image quality, image upscaling, and no watermarks. Extra credits can be purchased on premium plans. The service is aimed at delivering personalized artwork with its easy-to-use interface, and first-time users can try generating images for free.

Top Features
  1. AI-Generated Hentai Arts: Generate unique anime girl images with ease.

  2. Custom Waifu Creation: Use hundreds of parameters to tailor-make your anime character in the Kitchen.

  3. Variety of Pricing Plans: Choose from Basic, Premium, or Standard plans with different credit allocations and quality tiers.

  4. No-Queue and No Watermarks: Premium and Standard plans offer no wait time for image generation and no watermarks on the final artwork.

  5. Upgrade Image Quality: Opt for better quality with image upscaling available on premium plans.

By Rishit