10,000 Original AI Godfathers

10,000 Original AI Godfathers

The "10,000 Original AI Godfathers" initiative is a unique opportunity to honor and recognize the key individuals who have played a significant role in the early stages of artificial intelligence development. This project aims to collect and immortalize the faces of researchers, scientists, engineers, investors, and dedicated AI enthusiasts who are seen as the pioneering "AI Godfathers" of our time.

With only 10,000 spots available, participants can secure their place in this historical archive starting at just $1, with prices incrementing by $1 up to $10,000. This creative endeavor serves not just as a commemorative gesture but also as an interactive way to engage with the burgeoning AI community. By becoming part of the "AI Godfathers," contributors can stake a claim in the fabric of AI history and receive recognition for their role in advancing this transformative technology.

Top Features:
  1. Limited Availability: Only 10,000 spots open for individuals to be recognized as AI Godfathers.

  2. Incremental Pricing: Prices for spots start at $1 and increase up to $10,000, proceeding in $1 increments.

  3. Time Capsule: A historic collection representing pivotal figures in the AI industry.

  4. Become Part of History: Opportunity for AI contributors to be permanently acknowledged in the AI community.

  5. Diverse Representation: Celebrating a wide range of professionals from researchers to passionate AI users.


1) What is AI Godfathers?

AI Godfathers is a commemorative initiative that aims to collect and showcase 10,000 faces of pivotal figures in the field of artificial intelligence.

2) Who are considered as AI Godfathers?

Researchers, scientists, engineers, investors, and enthusiastic AI users who have significantly contributed to the advancement of AI are considered for this honor.

3) How many spots are available in AI Godfathers?

There are only 10,000 spots available for inclusion in the AI Godfathers time capsule.

4) What is the price range for securing a spot in AI Godfathers?

The prices for securing a spot start at $1 and increase in $1 increments up to $10,000.

5) How can I become part of the AI Godfathers?

You can select a place on the provided checkout section of the AI Godfathers website to become part of this historic AI archive.





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