Abridge revolutionizes medical documentation by leveraging AI to transform patient-clinician conversations into structured clinical note drafts in real-time. Their AI technology autonomously creates accurate notes from live interactions, significantly reducing paperwork and administrative workload for healthcare providers. With this innovative solution, clinicians can regain 2-3 hours a day, allowing them to focus more on patient care instead of manual documentation. Abridge's AI is built with trust and verification in mind, offering transparent auditability and seamless integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, such as Epic. Endorsed by medical professionals for its effectiveness in reducing burnout, Abridge has also been validated by leading healthcare innovators, showcasing its capacity to enhance medical practice efficiency across over 45 specialties. Learn how Abridge is shaping the future of healthcare documentation and how it can benefit clinicians, enterprises, and patients.

Top Features:
  1. Real-time Clinical Note Drafting: Abridge's AI technology transforms live patient-clinician conversations into drafts for clinical notes efficiently integrating them into EMRs.

  2. EMR Integration with Epic: As the first Pal in Epic's Partners and Pals program Abridge offers a generative AI solution that deeply integrates into Epic's clinical workflows.

  3. Burnout Reduction for Clinicians: Clinicians can save 2-3 hours per day on documentation allowing more time for patient care and reducing the risk of burnout.

  4. Trusted and Verified by Healthcare Professionals: The AI solution is vetted and supported by top medical experts with over 91% of notes drafted by Abridge's AI requiring minimal clinician input.

  5. Future-proof Healthcare Solution: Built by a team of AI-native scientists and clinicians Abridge's platform ensures transparent auditability clear accountability and is designed to adapt to the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.


1) What does Abridge's AI do?

Abridge's AI technology converts live patient-clinician conversations into structured clinical note drafts in real-time, which are then smoothly incorporated into the existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.

2) How does Abridge benefit clinicians?

Abridge's AI saves clinicians approximately 2-3 hours per day by automating the process of note-taking, which enables them to dedicate more time to patient care.

3) Is Abridge's AI solution trustworthy and verifiable?

Yes, Abridge is designed to be transparent and verifiable, ensuring that healthcare providers can trust the AI-generated notes and that the integration with EMRs, such as Epic, is thoroughly auditable.

4) Who can benefit from Abridge?

Clinicians, healthcare enterprises, and patients can all benefit from Abridge. Clinicians can reduce burnout, enterprises can capture more value from conversations, and patients can better manage their care.

5) What is the latest development in funding for Abridge?

Abridge has announced a $30M Series B funding, backed by leading healthcare innovators, to continue developing and enhancing its generative AI solution for medical conversations.




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