Advacheck is a cutting-edge plagiarism detection service that enhances the authenticity of academic papers and essays. This sophisticated tool supports academic integrity by verifying the credibility of texts and documents. Offering a suite of features, Advacheck detects exact word matches, synonym swapping, and even paraphrased content. Its algorithms perform a comprehensive internet search across multiple languages, providing accurate results. With the capability to scan various file formats and check against translated text, it stands out as a versatile solution for institutions worldwide. In addition to text, Advacheck's unique search engine can also identify plagiarized images within documents. Ensuring data security and compliance with GDPR, Advacheck is an effective tool for educators and students alike.

Top Features:
  1. Multilanguage Support: Capable of scanning files and URLs in various languages and detecting translated and paraphrased content.

  2. Paraphrase Detection: Advanced search algorithms to uncover paraphrased segments and ensure integrity.

  3. Image Scan Technology: Unique search engine to identify plagiarized images within documents and highlight alterations.

  4. Global Service: Operates in 10 countries catering to different academic institutions and languages.

  5. Data Security: Compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to ensure user data privacy and security.


1) What is Advacheck?

Advacheck is a plagiarism prevention system designed to verify the authenticity of academic papers and essays.

2) Can Advacheck detect plagiarism in different languages?

Yes, Advacheck can check content in multiple languages and even detect translated text.

3) How does Advacheck detect paraphrased content?

Advacheck uses algorithms to detect paraphrased content by conducting a deep internet search.

4) Can Advacheck scan images for plagiarism?

Yes, along with texts, Advacheck has the capability to identify plagiarized images in documents.

5) Is my data secure with Advacheck?

Advacheck complies with GDPR, ensuring high standards of data security.





Plagiarism Detection
Academic Integrity
Text Verification
Paraphrase Identification
Synonym Detection
Multilanguage Support
Image Plagiarism Scan
GDPR Compliance
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