AI copilot for Your Data Analytics |

AI copilot for Your Data Analytics |

Unlock streamlined data analytics with, your AI copilot designed to revolutionize the way you interact with data. Our platform empowers data scientists by offering an innovative AI Data Chat feature, providing real-time answers to your data queries. Now, you can communicate with your data as if you were consulting your expert data analyst, without the hassle of support tickets or long email threads. Our user-friendly interface allows seamless integration with data sources such as Google Analytics, or the ability to upload your own .csv files. Plus, our real-time Q&A service translates your plain English questions into powerful data insights. By leveraging Python for automatic code generation, produces detailed charts and enables you to customize them to your exact preferences. Whether you require immediate results or intricate analyses, is the perfect enhancer for your data workflow.

Top Features:
  1. AI Data Chat: Chat with your data anytime getting immediate answers to analytics questions directly from our AI.

  2. Seamless Integration: Upload .csv files or integrate with Google Analytics 4 for a hassle-free data analysis experience.

  3. Auto-Generated Python Code: Obtain answers and beautiful charts through auto-generated Python scripts.

  4. Real-Time Q&A: Ask data-related questions in plain English and receive real-time insights without delay.

  5. Customizable Visuals: Easily request changes to chart visuals or dive into the integrated code editor for personal tweaks.


1) How do I upload my data set to Data Chat?

Select your .csv file or share your Google Sheets url and click the upload button. You'll get a unique link to share with your team.

2) Who can access the data I upload?

Access to the data is controlled via a unique link you share, ensuring that only designated individuals can view the data.

3) How secure is my data on Data Chat?

Data uploaded to Data Chat is encrypted and securely stored on AWS, which adheres to industry-standard security measures.

4) What kind of questions can my team ask with Data Chat?

Your team can ask a variety of business-related questions, from simple inquiries to comprehensive analyses, provided the data is within your uploaded set.

5) How does assist with data questions and reports? is a self-service analytics platform that allows you to inquire about your data using plain English and get answers immediately.





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