AI Detector By Custom Writings

AI Detector By Custom Writings

The "AI Detector" service offered by is a specialized tool designed to identify whether a piece of text has been generated by an AI, such as ChatGPT. This tool is particularly useful in contexts where the authenticity of human authorship is crucial, such as in academic essays or professional job applications. The AI Detector helps to distinguish between human-written content and AI-generated material, addressing the growing concern over the use of AI in producing texts that could potentially include inaccuracies or lack the nuances of human writing.

The service also touches upon the debate surrounding AI-generated text and plagiarism, raising questions about authorship and originality in the age of AI. With the increasing use of AI for writing assistance, the AI Detector serves as a critical tool for academic institutions and businesses to ensure the integrity of written work.

The AI Detector operates by analyzing text and identifying patterns or elements typical of AI-generated content. Users can simply upload a file or paste text into the service, and the AI Detector provides a detailed analysis, indicating the likelihood of AI involvement in the text. This tool is essential for anyone looking to verify the originality and human authorship of written content in an era increasingly dominated by AI technologies.

Top Features:
  1. Specialized AI Identification: Targets AI-generated content for identification.

  2. Detailed Analysis: Provides in-depth examination of text patterns for AI involvement.

  3. Critical Integrity Tool: Ensures authenticity in academic and professional writing amid AI use.


1) What types of data can the AI detector analyze?

The AI writing check tool is ideal for text analysis. You can paste a text into the checker’s window or download the document in formats like DOC, TXT, PDF, and more. The detector is also able to analyze PowerPoint presentations, PPTs, and other formats. AI detector checker is useful for academic works, SEO texts, and documentation. It is also offered as a browser extension so you can check content directly from a web page.

2) What are some common challenges or limitations of AI detectors?

The main challenge for an AI checker is to define with 100% accuracy if a text was written by a person or generated. One thing that makes things trickier is that sometimes people can adopt a style of writing that is similar to AI-writing. They may use tools to help with grammar and punctuation, which can suggest changes to sentence structure that can be perceived as AI-generated. However, with a large enough text, at least starting with the average academic page (275 words), the chances of our AI paper detector accurately determining if a text was AI-generated is very good.

3) Can AI detectors be used for real-time monitoring?

It depends on the type of AI detectors and the information that must be checked by using them. An AI essay detector free is “free of cost.” Usually, it only offers an option to check the text that’s pasted into a window on the site. However, more developed AI checkers might offer an application for browsers. In these cases, you will be able to monitor the content of a site in real time.





Text Analysis
Authorship Verification
Academic Integrity
Human-Written Content

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