AI Detector - Text Validator

AI Detector - Text Validator

Discover the ultimate solution for discerning AI-generated content with AI Detector - Text Validator, now available for your Apple devices. AI Detector empowers you to validate the authenticity of any text with unparalleled precision. Our state-of-the-art technology offers over 99% accuracy, ensuring that your content remains genuine and free from AI-generated penalties on social media and search engines.

Effortlessly analyze text by copying, pasting, scanning documents using your camera, importing PDFs, or even scanning full websites. AI Detector’s intuitive interface returns results in a clear percentage, informing you of the exact amount of text that is AI-synthesized. Content creators can safeguard their work's authenticity while educators and students can stay updated as AI increasingly integrates into academic life.

AI Detector is user-friendly and comes with 10 free credits to get started on your journey to authentic content creation. Experience the power of AI Detector by downloading it today for your iPhone, iPad, or Mac OS X 13.0.0 and later.

Top Features:
  1. Over 99% Accuracy: Utilizes advanced algorithms to determine AI-generated content.

  2. Multi-platform Compatibility: Available for iPhone iPad and Mac OS X 13.0.0 or later.

  3. Multiple Input Methods: Paste text scan documents import PDFs or scan websites for analysis.

  4. Instant Results: Provides a clear percentage indicating the extent of AI-generated text.

  5. Free Credits: Start with 10 free credits to begin validating text authenticity.





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