AI-responder for HostAway is a powerful Chrome extension that significantly reduces your writing time with the help of AI-powered responses. It utilizes artificial intelligence to provide quick and accurate responses, cutting your writing time by up to 98%. With AI-responder, you can effortlessly handle customer inquiries, provide detailed information, and address concerns with ease. The extension draws information from property-specific knowledge documents, guest data, and previous chat history to ensure a smooth and personalized conversation. The AI responses generated by AI-responder are of exceptional quality, often indistinguishable from human-written responses. The pricing for the Chrome extension is estimated to be around $95 per month per listing after the beta period, but during the beta phase, users can enjoy a 14-day free trial and a lifetime price lock of $49 per month per listing (up to 300 queries per month per listing). AI-responder is currently compatible with HostAway, and plans are underway to extend its availability to other platforms, mobile devices, and different browsers. For any further queries or information, you can reach out to us at

Top Features:
  1. AI-powered Responses: AI-responder uses advanced AI technology to generate accurate and efficient responses saving you valuable time.

  2. Personalized Conversations: With access to property-specific knowledge documents guest data and chat history AI-responder creates tailored and engaging conversations.

  3. Exceptional Quality: AI-responder's AI-generated responses are of high quality often on par with human-written responses ensuring a seamless and professional customer experience.

  4. Effortless Handling of Inquiries: AI-responder allows you to effortlessly handle customer inquiries providing detailed information and addressing concerns with ease.

  5. Flexible Pricing Options: During the beta period users can enjoy a 14-day free trial and a lifetime price lock making AI-responder an affordable solution for improving customer support and communication.





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