AI Horde

AI Horde

The AI Horde is a crowdsourced distributed cluster of image and text generation workers. With one year of operation, it offers a wide range of services for users to generate images and texts. The horde provides a client interface requiring no installation and no technical expertise, making it accessible to everyone. It also offers dedicated web UIs and mobile apps for a more streamlined experience. The horde has achieved impressive statistics, with high performance in image and text generation, fulfilling millions of requests. Various tools and integrations have been developed by the community to enhance the horde's capabilities. Overall, the AI Horde is a powerful platform for AI-generated content creation.

Top Features:
  1. Crowdsourced Worker Cluster: The AI Horde utilizes a large network of image and text generation workers to efficiently fulfill user requests.

  2. Easy to Use Interface: The horde provides a user-friendly client interface that requires no installation or technical expertise.

  3. High Performance: With an average recent performance of 31.1 megapixelsteps per second in image generation and 416.5 tokens per second in text generation the horde delivers impressive results.

  4. Wide Range of Integrations: The horde offers a variety of official tools and integrations including plugins for popular software and dedicated web UIs for different purposes.

  5. Active Community: The AI Horde has a thriving community of developers and users continuously improving and expanding its capabilities through collaboration.





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