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How To Make & Upload RIGHT SIZE YouTube Banner With Canva (DETAILED Channel Art Canva Tutorial 2020)

Tools used in the video

  1. Channel banner is important for small channels, but not as much for bigger ones like James Charles
  2. Getting clear on who your channel is for and what you have to offer is important
  3. YouTube requirements for channel art are important to consider, including size
  4. Designing channel art can be done using various tools, including Canva
  5. Upload process for channel art is necessary to know
  6. Channel art should be simple and entice people to scroll down and watch content
  7. Suggestions for channel art include telling people what your content is about, taglines, upload schedules, and social media links
  8. Examples of effective channel art include Lily Singh, Simon Sinek, and Erin on Demand.

The channel banner of a YouTube channel is crucial for smaller channels looking to grow their audience. It is important to get clear on who the channel is for and what it has to offer. YouTube has specific requirements for channel art, and it is necessary to understand them before designing the banner. The designing process can be done using various tools, such as Canva, which is simple to use. The final step is to upload the finished cover art to YouTube. The channel banner should be designed keeping in mind that the space is small, especially on mobile devices. The goal is to entice people to scroll down and check out the content, and less is more. Ideas for the channel art include listing out what kind of videos are made, adding a tagline, upload schedule, social media links, products for sale, or the subscribe button. Examples of successful channel banners include Lily Singh, who lists out what kind of videos she creates, Simon Sinek, who has a tagline and an upload schedule, and Erin on Demand, who lists out the topics her videos cover.


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