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ImgLarger Review - AI Image Enlarger Denoiser, Enhancer, Sharpener, Face Retouch & Remove Background

Tools used in the video

  • Clients often send low quality images which can be a problem
  • Tool called Image Larger can enlarge and enhance images, improve color, contrast, quality, and retouch faces and noise
  • Also has a background removal feature
  • Offers multiple products including denoiser, enhancer, sharpener, face retoucher, and background removal
  • Premium plan offers unlimited access to enlarger and credits for sharpener and background removal
  • Denoiser feature removes noise from photos
  • AI face retouch enhances faces and collar area
  • Image enhancer makes photos look better with filters

The AI-powered tool, ImageLarger, allows users to enhance the quality, color, contrast and size of low-quality images to improve their resolution. The tool is free to use for the denoiser, enhancer, enlarger and face retouch features, while the sharpener and background removal features are based on credits. The premium plan offers unlimited access to all features, including the enlarger. The denoiser feature removes noise from images, while the AI face retouch feature enhances the facial features and color. The enhancer feature improves the overall image quality, and the sharpener feature makes blurry images crisper and enhances photo edges. The background removal feature removes the background from images. The main focus of the tool is on the image enlarger feature, which allows users to increase the size of images while maintaining their quality. ImageLarger is useful for marketers who receive low-quality images and need to enhance them for their websites, social media, or marketing campaigns.

Bullet Summary:

  • ImageLarger is an AI-powered tool to enhance low-quality images
  • The tool is free for denoiser, enhancer, enlarger, and face retouch features
  • Sharpener and background removal features are based on credits
  • Premium plan offers unlimited access to all features
  • Denoiser removes noise, AI face retouch enhances facial features, enhancer improves overall quality, sharpener makes blurry images crisper, and background removal removes background
  • Image enlarger is the main focus of the tool
  • Useful for marketers to enhance images for websites, social media, or marketing campaigns.


AI-powered Tool
Image Enhancement
Low-quality Images
Color Enhancement
Contrast Improvement
Background Removal
Face Retouch
Premium Plan
Unlimited Access
Social Media
Website Images
By Rishit