Reveal the full potential of your social media marketing with, the advanced AI-powered analytics platform tailored for insightful Instagram and Follower Analytics. Dive into comprehensive reports detailing demographics, authenticity, and more—with two pending reports always in queue, ensure richer insights by waiting for them to fully load. Our non-English language services are currently undergoing improvements to bring you an enhanced experience. Upgrade to unlock our enticing features, such as Follower Analytics offering demographics, gender, regional insights, and authenticity quality checks, exclusively available for public profiles. View a sample of our Pro Instagram Analytics to glimpse the depth of analysis we provide. And the best part? Basic access remains free! When you're ready for more, consider our Plus and Pro Plans to unlock Profile Comparison Analytics, bringing competitive edge right to your dashboard.

Top Features:
  1. Real-Time Reports: Up to 2 pending real-time social analytics reports in queue at any given moment.

  2. Language Support: Non-English language system currently being enhanced for better user experience.

  3. Follower Analytics: Access detailed analytics for age gender region and authenticity for public Instagram profiles.

  4. Sample Pro Reports: View sample Pro Instagram Analytics reports before deciding to upgrade.

  5. Free Basic Access: Get started with free basic Instagram Analytics and upgrade for advanced features as needed.




Social Media Assistant Analytics


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