Better Synonyms

Better Synonyms

Online thesauruses won't cut it, they simply lack the context. Tell us how you plan to use the word or phrase and we'll find the perfect match every time with the help of the world's most powerful AI.

We search for synonyms for different reasons. Maybe you already used "big" four times in a paragraph and can't get yourself to use it a fifth time, you replace it with "gigantic", pat yourself on the back and go on with your day.

But sometimes you can't quite find the word you're looking for. You're so close, yet so far. You wish the computer would just get it, get how you feel, how you want to make others feel, see the image in your head, break out of this semantic minima that condemned you to live the rest of your waking hours in linguistic anguish.

Well fear no more, for words are nothing on their own. Words come in beautifully crafted sets that carry much more meaning and context. And finally, you can tell the computer how you feel, how you want to make others feel, pen the image in your head, find the perfect word, and go on with your day.




online thesauruses
semantic minima
linguistic anguish

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