Bitskout allows teams to hire AI to deal with back-office tasks. Using Bitskout users can create plugins that read and extract data from documents, emails, and images with a few clicks without technicalities. Then you can use those plugins in your tools like Asana, Zapier, or and stop wasting time on manual data entry.

Top Features:
  1. 40+ plugin templates to start with (including invoices, receipts, CVs, bank statements, IRS forms 1120 and 1065, utility bills, etc.)

  2. Simple user interface without any technicalities

  3. Create your own plugins for your documents/emails with just a few examples

  4. Integrations to Asana,, Power Automate and Zapier


1) What happens if I go over the limit of plugin runs?

No worries, Bitskout will not stop working. All plans have a 10% overage limit for free and in case of consuming over this limit as well, we will charge extra transactions per your current plan. For instance, if you have a Solo plan Monthly and your plugin run price is 0.29 cents, then plugin run number 221 + will be charged as 0.59 cents.

2) What is a plugin?

When you use Bitskout, you want to automate some action like extracting information or categorizing text. To do that you set up plugins which is basically an analysis you want to perform on the given content. You can set up as many plugins as you want.

3) What counts as a plugin run?

A plugin run means the execution of a configured analysis one time. For instance, if you configure a plugin to analyse CVs, then per each CV analyzed you will count one run. Then, if you'd like to extract keywords from the same CV, that would be second plugin, and counted as a separate run.




Data extraction
Invoice extraction
Data entry

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