Integrations | Tability

Integrations | Tability

Tability is a powerful goal-setting and tracking tool designed to streamline the objective and key results (OKRs) process for businesses of all sizes. By integrating with AI technology, Tability helps you craft better goals using an AI-assisted editing feature. This tool keeps you on track with your OKRs by providing features such as easy goal setting, goal tracking, reporting on demand, initiatives and tasks management, and maintaining focus with daily standups. With comprehensive resources available, including a complete guide to OKRs, OKRs for startups, strategy building with GPT-3, and a library of templates, Tability ensures that you're well-equipped to succeed. To further enhance productivity, you can automate check-ins via integrations with other apps using Zapier and get custom suggestions for metrics and tasks instantly through the GoalsGPT feature, inspired by OpenAI's capabilities. Tability is committed to driving outcome-focused teamwork and offers plenty of educational content to support this mission. You can try Tability for free, with no credit card needed, and start aligning your biggest goals with your daily work efforts successfully.

Top Features:
  1. Easy Goal Setting: An AI-assisted goal editing feature to help you set better goals.

  2. Track Your Goals: Tools and metrics to stay on track with your OKRs and goals.

  3. Reporting On-Demand: Access to up-to-date progress reports anytime you need them.

  4. Align Your Efforts: A full-company view of all goals without requiring complex configurations.

  5. Initiatives and Tasks: Capability to track important tasks and milestones alongside objectives.


1) What is Tability?

Tability is a tool that simplifies setting and tracking goals and OKRs for businesses, with AI integration for improved strategy formulation.

2) Can Tability generate OKRs with AI?

Yes, Tability can instantly generate and help you refine OKRs using the AI capabilities of GPT-3.

3) How does Tability integrate with other applications?

To integrate with other apps, Tability offers a connection with Zapier which allows for automating check-ins on your goals and OKRs.

4) Is Tability free to try?

You can try Tability free of charge without providing credit card details.

5) Does Tability provide resources for successful OKR implementation?

Tability offers a free library of templates, guides, and educational content to help users be successful with the OKRs methodology.




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