Civitai is a platform that makes it easy for people to share and discover resources for creating AI art. Our users can upload and share custom models that they've trained using their own data, or browse and download models created by other users. These models can then be used with AI art software to generate unique works of art.

Cool, what's a "Model?" Put simply, a "model" refers to a machine learning algorithm or set of algorithms that have been trained to generate art or media in a particular style. This can include images, music, video, or other types of media.

To create a model for generating art, a dataset of examples in the desired style is first collected and used to train the model. The model is then able to generate new art by learning patterns and characteristics from the examples it was trained on. The resulting art is not an exact copy of any of the examples in the training dataset, but rather a new piece of art that is influenced by the style of the training examples.

Models can be trained to generate a wide range of styles, from photorealistic images to abstract patterns, and can be used to create art that is difficult or time-consuming for humans to produce manually.




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