Coggler brings a revolutionary way to engage with your favorite podcasts by leveraging advanced AI technology to transcribe and make podcast content searchable. With Coggler, you can pose questions directly to podcast material and receive responses generated by AI based on the podcast's existing discussions and information.

It supports interactive discovery and learning across a range of popular podcasts such as "The Daily," "Radiolab," and "How I Built This," and continuously adds new podcasts to its library. Designed as an AI podcast companion, Coggler enhances your listening experience by allowing you to delve deeper into any episode's content.

The platform is easy to navigate, and getting started is quick, ensuring that every podcast enthusiast can transform their way of listening and interacting with podcasts into something more enriching and engaging.

Top Features:
  1. Advanced AI Transcription: Coggler uses AI to transcribe podcasts into searchable text.

  2. Interactive Q&A: Ask questions to your favorite podcasts and get AI-generated responses.

  3. Diverse Podcast Library: Access a wide range of popular podcasts with new additions every day.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: Get started easily and join the interactive podcast community.

  5. Educational Engagement: Learn more deeply about topics discussed in podcasts like "Science Vs," "Planet Money," and "Huberman Lab."


1) What technology does Coggler use to interact with podcasts?

Coggler uses advanced AI technology to transcribe podcasts into searchable text, letting you ask questions about the content within these podcasts.

2) What type of questions can I ask on Coggler?

You can inquire about specific topics or points discussed in podcasts, or ask questions about featured guests and subjects.

3) How often are new podcasts added to Coggler?

Coggler continually adds new podcasts to its platform, so there are always fresh and relevant podcasts to explore.

4) Is there a community for Coggler users?

Yes, there is a community on Discord where you can join other podcast enthusiasts and discuss your favorite topics.

5) What types of podcasts can I find on Coggler?

Coggler caters to a variety of podcasts, including those focused on science, economics, and neuroscience, such as 'Science Vs,' 'Planet Money,' and 'Huberman Lab.'





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Science Vs
Planet Money
Huberman Lab

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