Discover a new way to deepen your relationship with Flamme, the ultimate free app designed specifically for couples. Flamme offers a unique blend of interactive activities, including over 500 discovery questions, 1000+ date ideas, and endless ways to celebrate your love.

Our AI-powered Relationship Advice Coach provides personalized guidance to help you and your partner strengthen your bond. Whether you’re looking for fun games to play together or insightful questions that spark meaningful conversations, Flamme has it all. Our vision is to assist couples in nurturing their love and growing together.

Top Features:
  1. 500+ Discovery Questions: Engage with a wide range of questions to learn more about each other.

  2. 1000+ Date Ideas: Never run out of ideas for spending quality time together.

  3. AI Relationship Advice Coach: Get tailor-made advice to enhance your relationship.

  4. Featured Media Outlets: Flamme is recognized by TechCrunch, Harvard Crimson & Guardian.

  5. Relationship Strengthening Tools: From games to quizzes, everything you need to strengthen your bond.


1) What is Flamme?

Flamme is a free app available for couples that provides questions, quizzes, games, and date ideas to help build intimacy and strengthen relationships.

2) What does Flamme offer for couples?

Flamme features over 500 discovery questions and 1000+ date ideas, in addition to various other engaging activities and relationship tools.

3) Does Flamme provide personalized relationship advice?

Flamme provides an AI Relationship Advice Coach that offers personalized guidance and advice for your relationship needs.

4) Has Flamme been featured in any media outlets?

Yes, Flamme has been featured on top media outlets like TechCrunch, Harvard Crimson & Guardian, highlighted as a leading app for couples.

5) How can I contact Flamme for more information?

To get in touch with Flamme, you can contact them via email at hello@flamme.app.





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