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What is HelpMoji?

HelpMoji offers an innovative solution for gamers seeking an edge in their favorite games. It allows users to build their own ChatGPT-like co-pilots by connecting to various game wikis and knowledge bases. These co-pilots provide real-time assistance, personalized strategies, and game-specific guidance, all aimed at enhancing the gaming experience and increasing chances of victory. Registration is quick and free, enabling players to chat with their co-pilot or share them with friends. Built with the specific needs of individual games in mind, HelpMoji's co-pilots offer features tailored for each title, including walkthroughs, game help, and more. Users can create a custom co-pilot in just three minutes, by simply providing the game name and allowing HelpMoji to gather and ingest the relevant data from trusted gaming sources. Additionally, there's the option to engage with co-pilots crafted by other gaming enthusiasts, broadening the scope for collaboration and shared intelligence.



What is Game-Generator?

"AI Game Assets Generator" offers a platform where users can create free and high-quality game illustrations, characters, and other assets using artificial intelligence, eliminating the need for a traditional artist. The platform allows users to describe their desired game assets in natural language and with a single click, generate ready-to-use assets.

Some examples of assets that can be generated include characters, weapons, props, scenes, monsters, coins, machines, pets, zombies, and mechas. It emphasizes the realistic quality of the sprites for UI and backgrounds, the inspiration it can provide for character design, and the infinite possibilities offered by integrating AI into the game development workflow. The assets are generated quickly, usually ready to use in just 10 seconds.

The platform encourages users to imagine beyond the conventional, focus on the present details, and enrich their creativity in game design. The assets created are universal, meaning they are tailored as described by the user. The website supports multiple languages, including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, and Bahasa Indonesia.

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HelpMoji Top Features

  • Personalized Assistance: Custom co-pilots tailored to individual games.

  • Game-Specific Knowledge: Utilizes game wikis and knowledge bases for accurate information.

  • Real-Time Guidance: Offers advice and strategies as you play.

  • Community Sharing: Share and chat with co-pilots made by other players.

  • Quick Setup: Create a co-pilot in just three minutes.

Game-Generator Top Features

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Integration: Users can simply describe their desired game assets in natural language, making the platform intuitive and user-friendly. With just a single click, the system understands the description and generates the corresponding game asset.

  • Diverse Asset Generation: The platform is versatile, capable of producing a wide range of game assets. From characters, weapons, and props to more specific assets like zombies, mechas, and realistic scenes, the AI caters to a broad spectrum of game development needs.

  • Quick Turnaround: Speed is of the essence in game development, and this platform delivers. Assets are generated in a rapid manner, with most being ready to use in just 10 seconds. This ensures that game developers can maintain a steady workflow without unnecessary delays.

  • Multilingual Support: Recognizing the global nature of game development, the platform offers support in multiple languages. This includes major languages like English, Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional), German, Spanish, and more, ensuring a wider reach and accessibility for developers around the world.

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HelpMoji Tags

Custom Chatbots
Gaming Assistance
Real-Time Guide
Free Service
ChatGPT-Like Co-Pilot

Game-Generator Tags

AI Asset Generation
Natural Language Processing
Diverse Game Assets
Quick Turnaround
Multilingual Support

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