HelpMoji offers an innovative solution for gamers seeking an edge in their favorite games. It allows users to build their own ChatGPT-like co-pilots by connecting to various game wikis and knowledge bases. These co-pilots provide real-time assistance, personalized strategies, and game-specific guidance, all aimed at enhancing the gaming experience and increasing chances of victory. Registration is quick and free, enabling players to chat with their co-pilot or share them with friends. Built with the specific needs of individual games in mind, HelpMoji's co-pilots offer features tailored for each title, including walkthroughs, game help, and more. Users can create a custom co-pilot in just three minutes, by simply providing the game name and allowing HelpMoji to gather and ingest the relevant data from trusted gaming sources. Additionally, there's the option to engage with co-pilots crafted by other gaming enthusiasts, broadening the scope for collaboration and shared intelligence.

Top Features:
  1. Personalized Assistance: Custom co-pilots tailored to individual games.

  2. Game-Specific Knowledge: Utilizes game wikis and knowledge bases for accurate information.

  3. Real-Time Guidance: Offers advice and strategies as you play.

  4. Community Sharing: Share and chat with co-pilots made by other players.

  5. Quick Setup: Create a co-pilot in just three minutes.


1) What does HelpMoji do?

HelpMoji connects to a knowledge base or game wiki and builds a ChatGPT-like chatbot for your selected game.

2) Is HelpMoji free to use?

Yes, creating a co-pilot on HelpMoji is free.

3) How long does it take to create a co-pilot?

It takes a maximum of three minutes to train your co-pilot once you've input the name of your game.

4) Can I use my HelpMoji co-pilot while playing games?

Yes, you can use it to get real-time guidance and improve your gameplay.

5) Where does HelpMoji get its gaming information from?

HelpMoji ingests data from sources like,,,, and





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