Scenario is a powerful creativity tool designed for game professionals who seek full control over their AI. With Scenario, you can craft unique and style-consistent game assets using custom-trained AI models. The tool offers a range of features that streamline every aspect of the game development process, from asset ideation and visual iterations to engaging early testers. By integrating Scenario's GenAI engine into your game, you can take a giant leap towards unparalleled player experiences. The tool is highly praised by industry experts for its ability to inspire creators, spark artists' creativity, empower efficient work, and significantly shorten time-to-market. Whether you're a studio, marketer, or creative, Scenario provides the AI superpowers you need to unlock your studio's full potential.

Top Features:
  1. Custom-Trained AI Models: Train unlimited custom AI models that perfectly align with your game's art direction. Gather your training data upload it securely and train unique AI generators to generate game assets in seconds. With Scenario you have full control over the AI models you create allowing you to craft assets that are style-consistent and fully controllable.

  2. Shatter Development Time: Scenario's custom AI generators can generate IP-perfect game assets from your art in seconds. By training once and customizing infinitely you can significantly reduce development time and deploy assets anywhere in your game. Say goodbye to lengthy asset creation processes and hello to efficient workflows.

  3. Streamline Every Workflow: Scenario helps you save time across every workflow in your studio. From concept to development and even the creation of marketing assets you can eliminate hours days and weeks from your workflows. With Scenario you can streamline your creative process and focus on bringing your game ideas to life.

  4. Unlock Cross-Platform AI: Integrate Scenario's API into your game to empower player-generated content. With the ability to generate assets consistently and with full control you can leverage Scenario's cross-platform AI to enhance player experiences in your games. Scenario also offers integrations with popular game engines like Unity making it easy to incorporate AI into your game development pipeline.

  5. Take Full Control: With advanced features like Composition Control and Pixel-Perfect Inpainting Scenario provides you with the tools to adjust outputs and achieve the desired results. Whether you're working with facial expressions environments outfits or seasons Scenario allows you to create infinite variants without compromising on the aspects you like.





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