Booom AI

Booom AI

Booom is an interactive platform that turns the classic trivia game experience into something truly dynamic with the help of AI. Engage in battle with your friends, colleagues, and family to see who possesses the most knowledge. One of the key highlights of Booom is the AI Generated Trivia Games feature, which offers limitless content, allowing you to play an array of trivia games completely ad-free. The convenience of multiplayer capacity lets you invite up to 8 friends to join the fun by simply sharing a QR code.

Additionally, the platform includes a Beta AI Editor, enabling you to generate and customize your own trivia games using AI assistance. Get creative by uploading animated stickers with GIF support or set the tone by including a 5-second video as your game background, enhancing the visual appeal. The platform ensures competitiveness with a built-in leaderboard and amplifies the fun by allowing you to stream the game screen for collective play.

Booom also offers tutorials to assist new players in understanding how to play the games, ensuring that everyone can jump in without confusion. To further inspire creativity, Booom provides templates such as Anime Trivia, Creator Challenge, Guess the Count, and Truth And Lie, which can be remixed to create new gaming experiences. The platform leverages the robust Playroom suite for creation and fosters a community through creator partnerships, maintaining a presence on social networks like Discord and Twitter.

Top Features:
  1. AI Generated Trivia Games: Enjoy limitless trivia content with friends completely ad-free.

  2. Multiplayer: Invite up to 8 friends to play together by sharing a QR code.

  3. AI Editor: Use the Beta AI Editor to generate and customize your own trivia games.

  4. Interactive Elements: Enhance your games with GIFs and video backgrounds and utilize the built-in leaderboard to keep things competitive.

  5. Social Play: Stream your game screen to enable collective gameplay and use the various templates to inspire new trivia challenges.





AI Trivia
Social Gaming
Beta AI Editor
Multiplayer Games
Trivia Templates
Content Customization
Ad-Free Gaming
Game Streaming
Creative Play
Remixing Games
Play with Friends
GIF Support
Video Background
Interactive Gaming


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