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Unity AI

Unlock incredible 3D real-time experiences with Unity AI, designed to empower creators of all skill levels. Unity, a leader in real-time 3D technology, introduces AI-powered products such as Unity Muse and Unity Sentis, providing tools that revolutionize game development and interactive content creation. Unity Muse leverages next-generation AI to transform simple text prompts into sophisticated games and experiences with exceptional speed. Unity Sentis integrates AI models into Unity Runtime, optimizing performance across various user devices. Discover AI-driven solutions on the Unity Asset Store, featuring Verified Solutions and community-built assets for game development. Witness the capabilities of AI with Orb, our fully AI-driven character, which showcases dynamic interactions and animations created in real-time on an end-user's device. Enhance your creations in industries ranging from gaming to automotive and aerospace with Unity's comprehensive suite of tools and services. Unity AI makes the art of the possible a reality for every creator.

Top Features:
  1. Unity Muse: Empowers creators to develop real-time 3D experiences with simple text-based prompts utilizing next-generation AI.

  2. Unity Sentis: Introduces AI model integration within the Unity Runtime to enhance games and applications on user devices.

  3. AI on Unity Asset Store: Offers a robust ecosystem of professional-quality Verified Solutions and community-built assets for game development.

  4. Orb - AI-Driven Character: Showcases a fully AI-created NPC with real-time dialogue and animation capabilities.

  5. Cross-Platform Support: Unity AI is optimized to work across multiple platforms including mobile desktop consoles and VR ensuring wide accessibility.


1) What is Unity Muse and how does it benefit creators?

Unity Muse is powered by next-generation AI that allows creators to develop games and real-time 3D experiences quickly using simple text-based prompts.

2) What is Unity Sentis and what does it offer for game development?

Unity Sentis enables the easy integration of AI models into the Unity Runtime, greatly enhancing game and app performance across user devices.

3) What AI-driven solutions are available on the Unity Asset Store?

On the Unity Asset Store, you can find a variety of AI-driven solutions for game development, including Verified Solutions and assets built by the community.

4) Who is Orb in the context of Unity AI?

Orb is an AI-driven character created by Unity to demonstrate the dynamic creation of NPCs with voice and animation on end-user devices.

5) What platforms do Unity AI products support?

Unity AI products are designed to support various platforms such as mobile, desktop, consoles, and VR, making it versatile for different types of interactive experiences.





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